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OK, for the last time, each of the pictures below is a link to the rest of the pictures from that night. So click on the picture to see the rest...I thought it was self explanatory but I guess not.


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Labor Day 2008 in Hermosa

4th of July

Partyin with Kayla

Jason's Birthday

Random Scottsdale Advetures

Vegas By Myself

SanFran Party Weekend March 2008

Kayla's 25th Birthday

End of February 2008

End of February 2008

Freshman Paul's Birthday

New Years 2008 in Vegas

Weekend Trip to Maui with Cynch for my b'day

Jenny and Phillip's Wedding in Indy

Thanksgiving Weekend 2007

Kelly's Birthday in NYC

NLCS Games and Sunday Funday At Salty

Teddy's Bachelor Party in Vegas w/ Jason

Labor Day 2007 in Hermosa

Beginning of August 2007

Weekend Drinking Trip to Hermosa

Random Summer Weekend Fun

Party Weekend in San Fran

4th of July and Random Nights Out

Autumn's Birthday Weekend

Jason's Birthday Weekend in LA

Random Night Out At Dos and Dirty Pretty

Dirty Pretty Grand Opening

Michelle's Birthday

Mark's Graduation

Salty Senorita with the Girls

April Fool's Day

Spring Training is the shit

I heart vegas

Happy Birthday Princess

Happy Birthday Paul

I'm awesome

I'm awesome

Me, Jase and Beefcake in Vail\

I'm Awesome

Memorial Day 2006 and Randoms

Random Night Out

Lysh Comes to Visit

Freshman Paul's B'day

November and December 2005

Marine Mike's Visit

If I met you on SB and you have pics, send them to me

Peep this, the 2003 Reef Girl Selection Contest....definitly worth a look

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