First Few Weeks of Sophomore Year 2002

A few trips to PHX and some parties in Tucson

Amy and Jean gettin freaky

Amy Jean and Drunk Chris

Asa and Potter

Asa smilin

Back it up

Bethany Evan and Sharon

Caplan about to fall over

Caplan passed out

Caplan passed out again

Caplan throwing up

Caplan throwing up some more

Caplan with Costa in a head lock

Captain and Diet Pepsi?...fag

Chris passed out

Clare Me and Amy

Costa just dropped Caplan

Costa needs to work on his cursive

Costa tryin to roll Caplan over

Costa writing his name on the wall

Douche almost passed out

Douche with my frisbee...ass

Drunk Chris and Douche

Drunk Chris and Joe

Drunk Chris sportin the hat

Drunk Chris, Douche, Jean and Amy

Fuck you too Hirsh

Happy Birthday Kevin

Hey Potter

Jean and Amy sportin the cowboy hats

Jean makin out with Amy...grr grr

Joe probably doesn't even know he is next to Kevin

Kevin and Costa against a car

Kevin doin the drunk dance

Let's wake up Hirsh

Mark and Jack

Me and Amy

Me and Drunk Chris

Potter sitting on Costa

Sofer is havin way too much fun with the tongs

Sofer tryin to pick up the glue stick with tongs

The fight continues under the car