4th of July and Other Random Nights Out

...also the failed pool party that happened inside our house while nobody was there...lame


Dan enjoyin a night off

Holy shit! Kayla is still alive!

And looking lovely as always

Stephanie and random

Chris partyin on a Tuesday

I forget

Probabbly not a good idea

Me and Fowler


Dan always looks so happpy

Dancing on the bar, you know it's gonna be a good night

Maybe not so much...


That's nice...

Shannon and Sam, my two favorites

Jason and his new favorite obsession, his iPhone

Chicks dig it

Someone fucked this one up

Jason and Dave

No clue

Roman makin a cameo

Ohhh yes, the miller lite feels so good against my face

Beefcake and Roman

Kelly and I forget

The crew

Jason lookin like a deer caught in head lights

Sexiest table ever, and by ever I mean GROSS!

Kelly's friend

Me and Roman...hard faces

I don't know who took this but well done

Dan back at work and happy as ever

Random and Roman

Sam, Me and Shannon

Trashed @ the crib

Darrel pounding somethin

Paul and Jen

Sweet glasses homo

And the night begins as usual @ RA for sunday happy hour

Me and Jen...I got a little bit of sun

Paul playing with his imaginary ball/friend

Why is Darrel so happy?

Sake bomb!

Paul dropped his ball

Paul all angry and mad cause I kicked his ball...yes, I'm serious, I kicked an imaginary ball and he's pissed

BAD PAUL! Leave the girls alone!

Fowler sees somethin

Jen posing for the camera

Ya, i'm awesome

Holy shit I am fuckin red

Nap time


Hooray! Francesca!

PCL was SOOO crowded, not so much

Me and Francesca...why does she have to leave :(

Why did I get a bottle...I don't even like vodka

Fowler havin her own personal dance party @ PCL

Now it's her own party @ the table

Swing time...

Jen and Melissa

Jess and Jen

And Paul busts out the imaginary ball again..

He blew that ball up HUGE!

Raisin the roof!

This is getting retarded

Atleast a few people decided to show up

Jessica and her friend

Hi Jess!

Woah, wtf?

Jess and Jen

Me and Melissa :)

Paul is lost...

Ok creapy...stay away from Jessica so we aren't banned from Salty

For layin in the pool, Nemo looks so angry

Cyncha and Kelly

Hi Mom!

Nemo wastin no time grabbin some food

Josipa and Cyncha

Tyson with whipped cream all over his head

Tyson and Annibelle

Kelly bruised her boob...ouch?

Hanz is awesome

How's that tile little guy?

It's cool, don't get up

I want the big one!

My winnings from the Colts beating the Bears!

Mr. and Mrs. Nemo

Hanz doesn't even look real

Cyncha havin a little chat with Hanz...seriously

Jason doin a little dance



The crew at Sapporo

Pretty sweet pic

Cyncha and Kelly @ Dirty Pretty

Hooray booze!

Me and Cyncha =)


Alyssa and Studlo

No clue at all

Me and Courtney

Court and Karissa

Cyncha, seriously... what the fuck

Shannon play shot girl

Your guess is as good as mine

Beefcake and Mom at Salty

So this would be all of our shit...

moved out of our rooms cause the house flooded and no one was home

fucking lame

The dryers are really soothing when you try and sleep...ya fuckin right

No more carpet

No more place to sleep...

And all our shit got ruined

All because of the fucking return hose on the god damn toilet...hooray for living out of my car!