4th of July @ Jason's House

I still can't believe nobody ever noticed the shadow cock?!


God bless it when older people love to be young

What's up Sunshine

Cynch and Kelly makin drinks

Dave, Aaron and Aaron's chick

It's gonna be a long day

Jason really is the biggest 12 year old ever

Hi Mrs. Nemo

Jason, Kelly and Beefcake hangin out

Christine and Dave

Jason toasting to noone...already

Ohhh...how cute

Kelly and J

Mrs. Nemo enjoyin the water things

Kelly wants another drink

I hope those statues don't fall off

I can catch it i swear

Lipstick lesbian?

Keep your eye on the ball...

I forget why she turned away

Oops, did I forget to include her face?

Chicken fights...woah

Total accidental shot but it turned out great

Really....still going?

Directly after Mrs. Nemo said, 'See, there is a reason I moved from the Midwest'....awesome

Kelly must be super hungry

Hanz wants to go play in the water...probably not gonna happen

Check out the guy to the right that resembles Anthony Kiedis while he was still on Heroin....awesome!

Dave and Christine

Who knows where that will lead......

After all this time, we never saw the coolest shadow ever!

Go for it Michelle

Mike better have lubed up w/ crisco

Aaron chillin on the couch

Youtube is awesome...so are boobs

Oh snap! It's the broccoli salad

Cynch loves it

Aaron and Dave

Mike dancin around...the video is better

Kelly....pointing straight at Jason


Mrs. Nemo and Me

Mrs. Nemo's awesome boobs

Cynch doin her model shot w/ the sun light

No clue what beefcake is doin

Aaron just looks like a party

Best shirt ever, w/ a monster storm behind it


Girls are awesome cleaner uppers


Mike and J

Mrs. Nemo layin out on the firepit

Sexy Kelly...sexy

Darrel tryin his hardest to text w/ out mispelling

Hanz' 4th leg just kind of dissapeared

Jason watching porn w/ the girls

Michelle trying to lick her own boob...awesome

Drink of defeat

Jason's awesome shirt

I wish I was that fucked up

Christine's boobs

Ok, you're done

All dressed up w/ no where to go

Trophy Aaron's girlfreind won singing

Ohhh...they're so cute

Some sort of ho-down i don't know about...and i'm not too worried that i don't

Oh my....

Have fun girls

Kelly and Mike kissed and made up

Watchout Kelly...u know where this is hearded

Cover your eyes Darrel....

It's totally long enough Kelly, don't worry

Little high....

Hmm...this looks interesting

Jason looks like the fuckin Naked Cowboy in time square...with a fuckin headrest coverin his cock...GROSS!

Me and Hanz...fuck you Darrel

Mike about to hop on Darrel

Cover your eyes kids...things could get rough