Beginning of Fall 2003 Semester

Vegas, a few random nights,

and oh ya, the huge party that got us 8 red tags

Candee chillin

YAA, Jack is back

Good to see you too buddy

Me and Mallory

Stephanie rockin the PT shorts...hell ya

No fuckin way....

Jack is feelin pretty good

Ward and Stanton

Stanton and Ward settin up for a beer pong death match

Team Ramrod in the house

Deutch givin Stanton the ol' sleeper

I love it when people pass out on the sidewalk


Deutch, Jack and Hirsh in the Luxor parking lot

The light on top of Luxor

Pimp pic of the Luxor

There's $700 for Jack

The G-Note chip

Another fucking G-note chip....lucky fuck

Hirsh in the Bellagio lobby

Hirsh, Jack, Deutch and I at the Bellagio, the last point in time that everyone was up

The Irish nino

You've got to be fucking kidding me

Hirsh and Jack startin to crash back in the room

I dunno what the fuck he is pissed off about

Deutch's artwork, made of match sticks

Jack, Deutch and Hirsh in front of the Riviera...."May I see some ID please?"

Circus Circus all lit up

Hirsh, Deutch and Jack under the canopee thing downtown

Yes yes, home of the World Poker Tour

No clue who took this

Deutch big pimpin after winnin big time

The Vegas dude

The Vegas chick

Blinded by the almighty dollar

Eagle flyin over in light show

Name of the lightshow

light show

light show 1

light show 2

light show 3

light show 4

Everybody is stopped and staring up

light show 5

light show 6

Tiger cage cleaner at MGM

Line to get into Studio54 at 2am

Deutch and jack are both up

Deutch and Jack infront of the strip

Deutch and Jack converse about how much money they've won

New York, New York

Jack balancing a spoon at he Belagio

Best named bar in Vegas

Ok asshole, put that shit away

Jack and I after he won $2200

Hirsh and Jack passed out

Sneaky sneaky Deutch, I only thought he was sleepin

Vegas Baby, Vegas


Big Lion things



Eifel Tower

Now that is good marketing

View of the strip from the back

Deutch gettin situated

Lucky bastard...

Lake Powel

Tight view

random scenery

more random scenery

ok, it's just a bunch of rock

Hoover dam

wall looks pretty sturdy

Are the powerlines supposed to tilt like that?

Elevator in the rocks, awesome

Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam 2

Hoover Dam 3

Rainbow on the way home in Phoenix

Read the sign

Hirsh pretendin to be Lil' John

It's huge

Steve sparkin it

No one should be concentrating as hard as Hirsh looks like he is

Smokin the blunt layin down was not a good idea

SteveO sucks at taking pictures

SteveO tryin to french inhale

I should have put it down then

...but no

I think i was sayin something important...probably not

Fuckin fan fucked up my french inhale

Why so angry SteveO?

Oh god, Hirsh thinks he's an Eastside boy


Hirsh is done

Cute pose

SteveO workin on blowin rings

Is it just me or does it seem hazy around potter?

Easy SteveO, keep upright

Failed smoke ring


Hirsh isn't sleeping...but he might as well be

View from my balcony 20 mins before the cops showed up

Stupid fuckin red tags

They're fuckin everywhere...fuck TPD