Home In Naptown One Last Time for the CEDIA Convention

...and of course gettin wasted every night


Lindholm's boy using Otter pops cause we ran out of ice...very creative

Irish Car Bombs for all...yay
And it's the beginning of the end

Beefcake havin a little bit of trouble gettin it all down

Looks like Josh spilled just a little bit

Some random homo sittin WAY too close to Josh on the couch

Poor little guy passed out on the way home
Passed out Josh, Paul and Mike in the back
Josh is just a little bit fucked up

Beefcake findin a comfy spot on the floor

Paul takin pointless pictures

Beefcake, Paul and Mike chillin on the couch back @ our place

63" LG flat screen....sweet

The 50" version


Helping me remember which kind of TV the next one was

Side view of the 50" DLP

LG's 50" DLP

Once again, to remind me which TV I was takin pics of

63" LG plasma

60" Gray version of the plasma

Flush wall mount kit to play your iPod throughout your house...kinda cool

Speakercraft shit

The Speakercraft wall plates

Me and Alisa @ Chumly's

Me and Michelle Rhodes...random

Holy shit! Tim just happened to be there too!

Me and Julie...gotta love the Park Tudor love

Alex's only form of ID...gotta love China

911's, Surfer's on Acid and Royal Flushes...these are a few of my favorite things

Me and Alisa @ Bleeker Street

Julie and Alisa w/ some girl on girl love...awesome

Oh snap! I win

The super cool biker gang hangout spot is apparently the Subway parking lot in Broad Ripple now

Good choice Alisa, he's sweating through his shirt waiting in line...not so hot

While this picture may seem distorted, at this point this is probably how it looked to me anyway

Random dudes, maybe I know some of them, but I dont remember

Monkey's Tail...bad picture I know, fuck off

Flatwire...this is the coolest shit ever, just run it on the wall and u can just mud right over it and u'll never even know it's there...imagine never having to run wire again!

All the different types of wires they offer, I know it's blurry but I was fuckin tired and hungover so get off me

You can even bend it 90 degrees flat and it works....sooooo cool

LG's typical home setup booth for their 63" plasma....I think, it might have been their 70", I dont remember...either way it's bad ass