Random Pics From the Last Two Weekends in July

Random crazy nights of playing beer pong on our closet door, dancing til 4am, blacking out and more!

7.15.2004 - 7.31.2004

Andy makin the first shot of the night

Yes, I am wearing UV reactive paint...No, I don't know why

WOW, that is not going to feel good in the morning

Alex whored himself out to me for some free AZMikes.com advertising, oh ya, Hannah's number is on there too if anyone wants to call her

John is totally fuckin posessed by the god of drugs and alcohol

Veer on the phone...as usual

Jessie and Kristen

Me and my beer pong partner, don't remember her name cause at this point I had no idea where I was

Shot in a bottle

Double fisting to a new level, too bad i'm gonna go out on a limb and say he spills more than he drinks

There is only one reason a funnel is ever seen at a party...


I'm pretty sure there is nothing in there

John realizes that after bonging a blank...refill time

Yes John, get excited, there is actually beer in it this time

Other dude mentally preparing

That is the face a soon to be drunk man

John, Veer, some random

Me and the random...kinda hot too

John and I forgot this guys name

Random hot chick and Veer again

Not a single one of these guys looks even quasi-sober

Why do I get the feeling John isn't looking at the ginger ale?

Yes Alex, very good! T is for terrorist!

1/5th of gin, and a few games of beer pong made Veer's floor look very comfy

Only at 9am after staying up all night does a burrito from 7-11 even look remotely apetizing

Me, and Andy representin the AAPD beer pong team...wow

No fuckin way

6 to 1 and I haven't even gotten a fucking shot yet, this doesn't happen

This is fucking ridic...6 consecutive shots made by 2 girls, i never even got the chance to sink one...fuckin bullshit

Sad Andy

Deke, on the phone with the wife, as usual

Yes Andy, lickedy split is right

4am beer pong game that I dont remember, nor do I remember who took this picture

Lincoln Memorial

He looks like a really mean, skinny Santa Clause...kinda like Billy Bob in "Bad Santa"

When the day comes that companies can advertise on monuments, I guarentee that Phizer will advertise on this one

Little Squirrel dude with nuts in his mouth...sorry, had to

WWII memorial Pacific side

Arizona thingy at the WWII memorial

Apparently they don't want homeless people swimming in the fountain

Naptown thingy at the WWII memorial

Atlantic side of the WWII memorial

Each star represents 100 soldiers killed in WWII...cool looking design, but very depressing

Lincoln Memorial from the WWII Memorial

Yes Andy, it does look like a giant hard on...with a little S&M mixed in

Closeup of the Washington Monument... fun fact: the limestone came from two different quarries, one was in Naptown, thats why it is different colors

The White House...how much would it suck to have the guy's job of standing at the front door all day...poor bastard

Dude, why even bother putting it in your mouth? You're just going to spit it out anyway... maybe you should try electric shock nipple clamps to curve your cravings for food

Disaster waiting to happen when you start playing with crutches and don't need them

Even Deke gets in on the action, there must be something more appealing that I'm forgetting

Nope, apparently not

This seemed really cool at the time

Ok, this has emergency room written all over it

Jen can't even hardly look because she knows its gonna be bad

Andy rockin some huge ass glasses

Hot dude, hot

Chris' tattoo of the Washington Monument on his leg

John and another bike messanger dude

Chris and his empty beer mug

Me and another bike messanger dude, I forgot his name...shit

John chillin out

Lance Armstrong of the bike messanger world

There is only one reason I would take a picture of the corner of the elevator, especially when I don't remember taking the picture

Metro Center, transfer point for the red line in the direction of Glenmont and Shady Grove, doors opening left side, Thank you for riding the Metro Rail and have a nice day

John talkin on the phone

John and Jules



What the fuck happened in this picture?

John is pondering whether or not he has a chance with the hot cello player

Chris and his messanger bike

Hmm...what to do with drunk ass Andy???

I know, I'll sell him into Salvery on eBay... "hard working, disease free, white male who is eager and willing to do whatever his future master desires"

On second thought no one would want the lightweight drunk

Awesome, let's go to the beach in Maryland?

On second thought, there's probably a reason Maryland beach's aren't exactly the hot spots to be...here's two examples of why