Freshman Paul Finally Turns 21

I thought this happened like 3 years ago?


Mike, Paul, Josh, Darrel, Joe and Me

Much better picture

Ariel and Mike

Josh, Paul and Ashley...not paying attention

Paul, you could atleast try and look happy

Paul and cute

Joemal...the next white rapper

Oh snap!

Roll it a little tighter next time, I actually got a few decent hits

Happy Birthday little guy


Paul and Ashley

Lick it good!


Me and Paul

Ariel and Mike

Paul singin about somethin

Ariel givin Mike a blowjob

Me, Paul and Darrel...and Patron

Hooray for Tequila

I don't even know who is happier

I'll let you decide which one is grabbin Paul's cock

Hi Ashley

Paul and Beefcake

Paul holdin his cake

Oh snap bitches!

Full on open mouth...nice Paul

Paul lickin his cake

Joe takin it all in

Ashley feedin Paul looks kinda painful

Allie waitin for her shot

Ashley drinkin...her water

Bitch please

Allie passin out and Joe

Allie woke up for the picture

...and another drink

Come on Mike, try and look happy

That's a titty

Paul tellin Ashley an awesome story

Paul hidin behind Ashley

"Seriously, Ash..."

Me and Allie

Ariel and Mike


Allie and Joe

Me and Allie

Will and Me

Last one before the shots kicked in

Paul gettin a lap dance from Ashley

Throw it up Beefcake

Paul and Ashley goin at it again...weird

Neither payin attention

Me poundin patron...weird

Gotta love the limes

I'm awesome

Mike, you could atleast try and look happy

I forget

Allie passed out

Ariel passed out on Mike

Joe barely hangin on

Joe back in action

No comment

Paul passed the fuck out

Poor Ashley

Gotta love your 21st

Paul passed out on Ashley

It's snowing!

Lazy dog bites onto the chair so that he doesn't have to lay his head all the way down

Allie's pug

Beefcake, Paul, Mike and Me at Saks

No more stuff Ashley

Ok, fine

Random tourist shot of St. Patrick's Cathedral

Side door

Shot down the street

Another random

And the last one

Tyson hangin out in his bed...fuckin spoiled dog


Ashley and Paul @ PCL

Paul talkin to Roman

Big Pimpin Dave

Cynthia and Me

Paul and Cynthia...nice shot mike

It's cool, I didn't want my head in it anyway

Sweet, I look like a homo

Cynthia and me...not so homo

Ok, enough of me

Josh, Paul and Ashley

Mike addin an extra shot to his drink

Fowler makin a cameo

Coast Guard Frank and Jen

Cynthia, Mike and Jen

Mark and Me

Yea girl!

I know, I know...what the fuck

Josipa and Dave

I win =)

Dave and Beefcake showin some love

The happy couple?

Cyncha is lovin Mike's new purse

Mike and Jen...haha

Dave, Darrel and Paul...after Darrel had to turn his head, deaf motherfucker

Paul and Ashley

Cyncha whispering sweet nothings into Mike's ear

Josh on the phone with Jayme

Paul and his random

Not even going to touch this one

Paul...don't look so happy

Paul and Me

Haha, Freshman Paul workin it on Paul's chick

Cyncha and Josipa

Cyncha is wasted, check out the vein


Who wants to see the war hammer?

Marcus and some randoms

Mark hangin out...hammered

HAHA....I can't even spell it out what they are saying

Poor Paul

Me and Cyncha


It is nice....