Weekend before Halloween 2006

I'm back bitches!


That's a good lookin bike

Big Dick and Beefcake

Me, Chase and Beefcake

Kurt Cobain talkin to some randoms

Chase with some random

Me and Lindsay

Me and Frank, who had possibly the best costume

Richard startin to feel the booze

The girls just can't keep their hands off him

OHHH, the evil finger

Darrel crip walkin

Me, Dick, Beefcake and Dave

Me and Kiara

And again

Confusion sets in...

Car bombs all around

Maybe the car bombs weren't such a good idea

I'm back bitches!

And look how happy everyone is about me not bein such a fag

Me and Billy from Philly...sooo random

Darrel thinkin, "fine, if I have to"

Richard keepin his distance

Somehow, high fives over the back applies here, but not at all

Maybe we should have just gone home at this point

We're awesome

Dave finally caught up

Richard is the best part of the picture

I'm not even gonna touch this one



Darrel givin some super douche a whole lot of ass to the face

Maybe picking her up and trying to put her in my pocket wasn't such a good idea

Boys night out...time to go put some shit in some bags and light it on fire

We all got a little Captain in us!

This is exactly how I saw the world at this point in time

Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?

Jayme and Josh

A little less fuzzy

Is that what I think it is

Could it be?

Oh yes! The hottest sigma kappa's....by far

Jamie and Heather

E-MONEY! You're number 1

Nice shoes...

Flag on the play!

Red card...for being a slut!

Oh, now she's pissed

Pretty sweet costume, I'm surprised Paul didn't think of this one, he could have brought his own beer to the bar

See, it really dispensed beer

Such a tight costume...would have been way too hot though

Dumbo with his balloons

Josipa and Mike

Good night

I'm at a loss of words on this one

If Mike had a fan on his shoulder blowing his hair, he totally could have gone as Fabio

I thought he was Flava Flav...apparently he was from Willy Wonka

You bitch! you stole my wig

Take that Rob!

I need more cow bell!

Move over Cosmo Ryan...here comes...Darrelique!

Make love to the camera...or me

Josh tryin to make Jayme blonde?

You so want to fuck us!

Mike getting head from some random in the bar

Nice to see Josipa didn't hold anything back and dress too conservatively or anything crazy like that...and Jayme is having a CPU overload

Rockstars bitches!

See, everyone looks better with blonde hair!


KFed...bad picture, fuck off

That lasted for all of 2 seconds before Mike tossed the baton across the bar

Me, Mom and Dad

No I will not sleep with you, I way too busy

Me and Stacy

Sweet Costume

Mike is prayin for a 3some

It's all about makin friends

Mike askin to borrow the cop's bike

Mike telling the cop, "you can't arrest me, you're a woman!"

Has anyone seen Josipa's coat?

One big happy dysfunctional family

"I wasn't that fucked up at all, I swear" ok, amy, whatever

You had to be there...

There's no place like home...there's no place like home!