Homecomming 2004

Being drunk from Thursday until Sunday is awesome...until Sunday

Paul waiting for everyone else

Sweet fuckin belt buckle Vince

Darrel just couldn't wait

Vince and Kirk

Kirk showing us his Blue Steel look

Hurry up and get off the phone ass

Paul, Darrel and Matt

Oh snap! There's two of them!

Big Mike and Paul

Kip and some other dude

TRog and Kevin

Paul and Big Mike

ODB didn't go to Boston so he's gettin shit housed with us

Zuke not looking at the camera, as usual

Mark havin trouble keepin his head straight

Charlie at work

Ho squad reunion

Zuke sneakin into the ho squad pic

New gay ass bar manager

Hey Zuke, who's tab did u put those on...fucker

Lucas got bonked by someone

Little guy doesn't look too happy

Haha, someone did it again

Paul's hand and Dave

Mark and Paul

Aerial view

Hi Tyler

This would have been a great picture if anyone would look at the fucking camera

Will and Zuke

Oh Snap! Zep's bitch ass came back in town

Zuke looks a little too happy for Mary to be that close

Will and Marry

Bad pic

Hey Matt

Me and Matt

Put your hand down bitch

Paul and Sam

Hightower in town for the week

ODB, by himself

ODB, some random, Darrel and Paul

Zuke fuckin with Darrel

Almost stole this dude's tie

Sam pimpin it with some randoms

Girson, Darius and ODB

Forgot his name, shit

Kevin and some other dude

ODB and TRog

Dean and some other dude

Steve O...nice jacket

This must be a highly intelluctual conversation

Fuck you guys too

Stanton is really wearing tights...wow

Where's tinker bell?

Gay dude hittin on Dean's boy

Get some Dean


That's why you don't set drinks on the pool table

Look up Tyler

Nice shirt

Yes Tyler, I know its your shirt

Is that a sock?

What up Casey

Hey Corey

Yes Will, very nice

I've never seen Will concentrate that long on anything in my entire life

Yo fool

Don't do it Garret

WOW, he busted out the thriller dance

Darrel made a new friend

Mark and Darrel

Mary shithoused

Jamie all wet

Zep had little bit to drink

Mark and i forget

How cute

That's hot Dodds...but the best part of this picture is what Lucas is looking at in the background

Zuke and Brooke

Lucas' level of excitement is priceless

Zuke and Randi

Me and JVH on the mall

Casey and Randi

Mariah talkin to some random


Me and Elmo on his last homecomming

Cute face Paul

Me and Mollie

That's hot Kelly, very hot


Stanton and Doc.C

Brenner, Candee, Seth, Erich and Lauren

Sener drinkin some Hypno

Traci rockin my hat

The girl who didn't know where Indiana was, Mariah and Traci

Elmo is drinking a beer...wow

Ryan tryin to choke out Susan

I bet that has got to be the most fun tent on the entire Mall...NO

Candy and ChiTown

Sammy actually got a test...neato

Randi and ChiTown

Scottie Eh, and Candice...how cute

Leslie dancin up on a table with some dude...very classy

Sener and Brendan don't have a clue where they are

Beall makes a cameo after a long day of drinking

"Pride of Arizona" marching band

Sener marching with the band...he always wanted to be a band geek but the skin flute player spot was taken

Flag bitches

Even Jack made it out of his Apt. to come get drunk on campus

ODB and Randi

Who does this?

Nice watch...drink a little faster Shredded

Zuke double fistin and double chugging

Random shot of the mall as it was winding down

Ryan is a fuckin mess

Ho squad and Kelly

Tongue rings are the shit


ODB has Mallory in a head lock

The result of ODB tryin to keep Mallory's drunk ass in a head lock

She's safe?

ODB and ChiTown wrestling

It's turned into a chair fight...wow

ODB and some random girl he grabbed

ODB throwing the left over mini-cans of coke at people in the Kappa Sig tent

More wrestling

ChiTown just got dropped

ODB riding away in the back of some random truck

Holy shit, Susan gave ODB a sweet fucking hickey

Kevin goin w/ Lauren to have a little chat

UofA v. Oregon St. homecomming game


Lee dressed up as Donald Trump for halloween

Random game shot

Another random shot


End zone scoreboard

Zuke's new shirt that he stole

Matt chillin back at the house

Paul gettin ready to go drink more

Mallory after eating shit and falling into my fridge and spilling all over

Oh ya Mallory, you're totally sober

Hilarious, I love it when shit spills all over my bed and floor

Party on my bed...and where is Dodd's head?

Mallory passed out sitting in the chair

ODB almost passed out on my floor

ODB wakes up to have a 4some

Party moved to the floor

Dodds, Jess, and Jonell

Yes Jessica, hold on for dear life and maybe we won't be able to see your ass

Almost an amazing ass shot...almost

Jessica riding Dodds...thats hot

Dodds and JVH

Sobering up = bad

Matt before goin out