LA for the Weekend

Last weekend of partyin for a while, might as well do it up right


Aric, Me and Elmo...blast from the past for sure Me and Alysha Elmo and Aric...drunk what?
Very sneaky guys, very very sneaky

Oh Snap! Potter makin a cameo!

Me and Big Dick @ Prey

Big Dick and Lysh

Shredded has his own street...they must have heard about him being is Cosmo...queerbait

WTF was this guy thinking

It looks like he used his car as a bunker in a paintball game or some shit, what a retard

In case there is a fire...make sure you run, don't walk, but run out of the building

Lysh and Big Dick @ the Shelter

Better angle...i guess

Me and Lysh

Some random

This is what happens when you give the camera to the drunk kids

It's kind of like watching the Reading is Fundamental kids when they are cute, but so sad...i'm going to hell

Big bottles of Red Bull...muy bueno

Big Dick trying to take shots of Kettle One out of the bottle...obviously didn't work out too well

But apparently it got the job done

Great shot guys...this is why I should just keep the camera to myself

Oh snap! I win!

Ok, little creapy, not gonna lie

Gotta love the random bar chicks

Ok, the random shots of the table are really starting to puzzle me?

I can't even think of captions to explain how dumbfounded I am by the number of random table shots?

...and this one just takes the cake

Lysh's excellent photography job

Oh snap! It just gets better

These girls must love their job...I know I do

And this is the reason clubs keep the lights low cause WTF are these girls doing in a picture

Big Dick with our table hooker, my bad hostess

Look how interested she is...fuckin slut

Honestly, her face is saying nothing more than, 'Get me the fuck out of here'

Lysh with some random

Big Dick w/ the wedding party...we won't even get into that long as there are pictures still being taken, 2 weeks before she is about to get married...way to go Richard, my hat goes off to you

Maybe the flash on cameras wasn't such a good idea

Big dick and the wedding party...not such a bad picture given the girls involved

No all

Giggedy, giggedy...don't pass out

Words can't even begin to describe...


Just when you think it can't get any better/worse...this happens

Alysha with Asian reporter Trisha from the Shelter

WTF!!! not cool AT ALL!!!

Somehow I'm guessing three fingers won't even be a problem on this girl...just a guess though

Ok, honestly, this is getting out of hand....this shit needs to stop

Oh yes, I am taking the picture and this will be documented...and I know, I'm the man, you don't have to single me out

Randoms from the wedding party

Why am I carrying around a giant Red Bull vodka and who is the random chick in the picture...fuckin hooker is probably tryin to get a drink

Don't try and act all love it

Honestly Lysh...I don't even know what to say anymore, my heart is almost in pieces at this point

Ok, this is just creapy

Me and some cop...yup, I'm fucked up

That is the most distgusting picture of a person eating a hot dog ever...

Apparently those hot dogs are fuckin good though

I will have one eventually

And I should have been cut off a LONG time ago if I am taking pictures of random street signs that aren't even cool