1st trip down to Mexico of the Semester

Why spend Labor day in Tucson when you can go to Nogales?


Deutch tryin o regulate up front

Deutch with a random

Elmo and some Frosh

ODB, Zuke, and Andy all workin on the same chick

Olivia, #2, Zuke, Spencer and Elmo

far from sober frosh

Austin, Lauren, Spencer and Evan startin to look ready to go

Olivia and Jack

Me and Fabian at Cookaracha


Lookin down

Me, Deutch and Jack

Elmo and Arta reliving childhood memories

Fabian, Deutch and Jack singin some gay ass song

ODB, Deutch, Fabian, Elmo, Jack and Arta are all finally drunk



No clue who these people are

Dance floor

Dance floor again

lookin down from VIP

Lauren tryin to get a better view

I love drunk girls

Shirvin tryin to con the bartender

Shirvin behind the bar w/ the bartender

Group photo op

Zuke found some tail for the time being

No idea who these people are either

Olivia gettin tag teamed by ODB and #2

Zeena kissin some guy

Some kid passed out on the fountain

Bus on the way home

Everyone still looks pretty fucked up

Zuke takes time out from pissing to smile

Austin is definitly still wasted...notice Jack in the background

Everyone at Wendy's

No idea who they are

Don't remember this one

Andy, Arta and some random

The calm before the storm...god damn burger punk

Spencer can't believe everythign that just happened to him

Deutch, with a girl's head in his lap that my drunk ass didn't get in the pic

Hirsh blazin next to the new ride

Looks a little hazy...

Ok, that can't be healthy

Smoke commin out the car

You can kinda see the smoke...ok, maybe not but just pretend it's there

Super SteveO all dressed up before the LSU game