Michigan Vs. Ohio State

We fucking lost again...back to the bottle


Josipa on the phone before the Marine Corps. ball

Mike and the other cool kids from Yuma

Mike and Josipa


Josipa and some other randoms

More randoms

No clue

Mike and some random

Freshman Paul

Josipa tryin to hide be

Josipa and random

Gabe and Mike

Angry Ryan

YES! I love pounding drinks by Jennifer or whatever those things are...fuckin queer

Tyler...being Tyler

Paulstar, Tyler, PR and Mike

Gabe and Greg are awesome

They're totally gay for each other

Ok, it is kinda funny

Dirtbags patio

Josh, Beefcake and Zac....still flexing

Tyler and Darrel slapping the shit out of each other


Mike tryin to find a good station

Darrel did somethin to this kid

And apparently it was something awesome

Who wants to play leap frog?

Only outfits better than Darrel's green homecomming shirt

Josh and Mike and the olympic runner guy

Someone is TRASHED

Ya, how fucking bad does that look, and the best part is...it got worse!

Gotta love Saturday monrnings at the Library when we get the couch

Mike and Aeriel


Holly and Me

I don't remember

Beefcake, Josipa, and Creepy Paul smilin at something

Ya, I'm awesome

Holly orders onion rings, and pulls the onion out, just to eat the batter

I'm serious

Mike tryin it out

Texting the changtas

Holly and Me


and againl....

Lindholm makin a cameo

ok, enough already

Little guy hangin out in the corner being angry


Gayest glasses on the planet

I make Holly look good

The best part of this is not the drink that I spilled all over Darrel, but what the fuck is Paul doin

FUCK YA. GO BLUE! The Michigan guys behind us

Couch buddies

Michigan guys again

Mike doin homo things again

Me and Lindholm

Me and Little One

Hello Tyson...go get your Toy

God dammit, not that one

No matter where I put it, he ALWAYS fucking finds it

Fuck it, you keep it, maybe it'll make you happy cause it only makes me miserable

Ya, so the bruise got worse....a lot worse

Aeriel with her drinking hat still on...not for long

Holly and her check cashing nails

She's still here

Josipa and Kayla...my 2 favorite girls ever

Me and Kayla

Little One and Me

Me and Kayla again...I look like a fucking retarded happy 2 year old

Kayla lovin Darrel in his horns

Beefcake with his purse and drinking hat on

Josipa, Michelle and Kayla

Darrel and his drinking hat

Wow, way to piss off the hot chick retard, nice sweatshirt too...fucking queer

Walkin away as he tries to laugh it off...you know he is goin home to cry

Darrel lovin his new drinking hat

More drinks for Mike

Me, Mr. Cake and Mike

Josipa's purse...random

Josipa and Todd from wedding crashers

Yes, I'm awesome, you don't have to point though

Darrel doin his dance

Mike tryin to get Darrel to spin inside the booth

Josipa and Kayla

Mike and Aeriel

Sweet tongue


Mike and Aeriel

Throw them gang signs up girl!



Me and Josipa after a few too many cherry bombs

Me, Kayla, Josipa and Beefcake

I'm retarded

I'm in love with a stripper

Tripple kiss...kinda hot

So hot

I win

Aeriel grabbin Kayla's titties...i want to play this game

Kayla makin out with Aeriel

Aeriel looks less than impressed

Me and Mr. Cake

Darrel tryin to pop me

No flash...lame

Still none

Beefcake grabbin Josipa's nonexistant double chin


Me and Jen

Me and Fowler again

Aeriel bustin a move

More floor

I should make this black and white and sell it to Pottery Barn to put in their picture frames

Aeriel and Mike

Me and the randoms from Australia

Forgot his name...shit

I am fucking retarded, she was sooo hot

I get her number and then end the conversation on the worst note possible...I have extreme issues with this whole getting over it thing...fucking lame

Fags at the bar

Me-ran, my favorite asian bar tender

I forget

These kids were fucking lame

Amanda has her drinking hat on for sure

Me-ran and Amanda

Beefcake, Josipa and Me

Me-ran and Me with my drinking hat on