Party @ Gence's Place


Work it Gence

James gettin ready for a beer bong

Hit that shit Gence

Oh ya, thats nice

Keg stand

Tom givin some assistance with the keg stand

Isn't it Tom's turn for one yet?

Gence helpin Susan get a good grip on Mallory's ass

Amanda and ?

I see you lookin SteveO...bad boy

Thank god for beer

Hi James

Random pic

No clue who they are

Some randoms chillin upstairs

A few more randoms

Looks like the Royal Flushes and Big Miz kicked in for SteveO

Mallory dancin up on the able

Lauren, Me, Susan and SteveO

Lookin good Lauren...i did NOT take this

Gence and Lauren

Gence and Joey

Jose must have had a little bit more than i thought to drink

That looks like Kush to me

A couple of Brenner's pipes

Oh that's what i like to see...a bubbler full of kush

Gence's drunk ass standing on a fire hydrant

Oh ya, those shots at my place are workin

Me and Susan

Susan and Mallory weekend...

Me and Susan...and both of my eyes are actually open for once

Chug James, Chug

Oh ya...that's nice

Kris, SteveO and some honnies

Now there is a model of responsible drinking

Susan caught in the middle of a deep thought

Bad SteveO, bad

SteveO and Susan

Tom chillin outside

Frank the tank returns from the beer run

Birthday boy Eric, Susan and Gence

Eric and Tom

Tom rockin the mullet

After 5mins of explaining how to do it, i let Eric take the Keg picture....except that keg is totally empty

Lauren and Gence..round 2 possibly?

I fucked up...sorry

My bad...again

Hey, Shirvin is here

Open wide

I think someone poured beer on Mallory

Over here you fuckers

Jose and Shirvin

Amanda and Mallory dancin on the table

Gence playin caboose on the train

Yay for steveO

Mallory and Amanda still up on the table

Random party pic

The future of america ladies and gentlemen...right here

Gence, Susan and Lauren

Lauren, Me, Susan and SteveO

Everyone lookin at Joey's camera

Amanda and Mallory rockin Andy's SanFran hat

Random pic

Lauren and Tom

Oh ya, Lauren loves i

Lauren, Tom and Gence

Gence givin some last minute instructions to the people up top

Open wide Gance

Me pointing where i want the beer to go

I got a few good gulps in there

Everyone say

Gence big pimpin it outside

John tryin to move Susan in a little closer and she is havin none of it

Kris havin a little trouble zippin up

Jose playin air guitar

nice tail

Seth holdin up his baby