Paul and Zuke's B'day Week

Blah Blah Blah


How's my bed little guy?

How can you kick him out of bed...he's too cute

Honestly, I think he sleeps in my bed more than I do

Paul @ Dirtbag's...Oh Snap is right

Paul and J waitin for shot time @ the bar

Me and J, before the shots came

John, some random and Coach tryin to get in on it

John loves booze, booze booze bozze!

Coach tryin his hand @'d think he was from Indiana?

It was already downhill WAY before this point

Sorry Fosse, I didn't mean to get the light weight too drunk to hook up with you

Paul's comment after blatantly dropping his beer bottle, "Haha, look at it roll."

Me and Megan

Baz, Will and Erich all hammered @ Dirtbag's

John, Me and's amazing how sober we all look

Oh snap, I spoke too soon. There are the drunk faces

Coach tryin to hold on to the chair for dear life

John, J and Me....why the fuck is my collar popped in this picture, fuckin east coast douche bags

J would appear sober to the naked eye...yea fuckin right

Hey Jeff, shouldn't he be wearing the hat instead of you?

Alex makin a cameo @ Dirtbag's....oh snap!

ChiTown and Borto

ChiTown, Borto, Alysha and Big Dick

Barbara rockin the work uniform from Frog 'n Frikin...muy bueno

Hippie chillin against the back, takin everything in

J goin to work on Barbara

Me and Casey...honestly, I don't remember taking this, but it's lookin like we were WAY too close for comfort

John's random and Mike

How is it possible to get a boner upside down....not to mention with 6 people watching

Keep letting the blood go to your head.....then stand up reallly fast, I swear it's cool

A big margarita for a big boy

Dude, we're so high right now...nothing can hurt us

Oh wait, except for Paul had a few too many margaritas....sorry bud, but it IS your b'day

Ok, that's just gross

I love getting paid with a bar tab for doing marketing for Ben's

WTF is John doing, trying to lick her shoulder?

I swear, he's gotta be a little bit Asian

Jonnel and Klien...random

Me and Jonnel

Tyson's leaning tower...soo gross, thanks for taking this picture Darrel

Big Dick and Dave @ Takamatzu

Carter, B'day boy and Lucas

Hippie, ODB, Imon, and Arta...none of whom could care less to be in this picture

Imon and Arta...our own little Tali Ban

Deutch, Paul, Beefcake, John and Paul waitin for me to finish my sake bomb...impatient fuckers

The paper trail that Zuke's shoes left behind when he left the bathroom

Dave and Me

The onion volcano train..choo choo, why do I get the feeling that this won't be the last time I hear 'choo choo' tonight?

It's your B'day Zuke...chug fucker

Chug again, but now with encouragement from Josh

Sake bomb round 2 for Paul

Jayme trying to dry herself off after Paul spilled his beer all over

Carter and Zuke...this just looks bad already

Fosse and some random

Come on Fosse, you know it's goin to happen


Paul, Zuke, Carter, Josh and Paul at Yukis

Paul, Kate and Josh

Didn't there used to be a gate there?

Yes, that is the patio of Yuki's

Look at the's SO cool

5 rounds of Sake bombs later...

Paul, Zuke, Beefcake, John, Josh and Paul @ Trident

Uh oh, Coach has competition

I'll leave this one up to personal interpretation

Yay for Jagr shots

Quit addin other people's drink to my tab

Nice to see you too

My thoughts exactly

Apparently Charlie likes to pinch his nipples to make work more exciting

Me and Cristal

Paul, J, Zuke and John after we finally made it to Dirtbags

J, Paul, Zuke, Paul, John, Me and Coach

I have no clue what made Paul think it was a good idea to put a cigarette out on his hand

Poop @ Dirtbag's

Darrel's middle finger, Zuke and Paul

John and some random

Lucas and Alysha

Me and Arta

SoCo lime shots all around

Hippie, Zuke and Arta

Half of Paul and Zuke's head

Get her Zuke

Notice Josh flicking me off even with his back to me

Heidi and

Kristen and Kelly all dressed up for nothing

I love you

Hell ya Paul, get her

Steve O rockin a blue tongue

Paul is drunk...very drunk

Lucas and Luke

An unnamed random and Susan

Darrel needs Kurt's shirt, "Got you Tickets? To the Gun Show!"