Halloween Party @ SteveO's


Some random Angels

Andrea and Candice

Oh, That's nice

A few more randoms

Enrique and Anna Kournikova

SteveO pimpin it with his school girl hotties

Tom and Kroupf gettin good and drunk

Winnie the Pooh makin a cameo

Chef Joey and Candee lookin nice and sober

Jen and Danielle lookin good

Nice picture Jose

Jen tryin to look like the poster

Random party pic

Arianne, Candee and Emily throwin up gang signs

I love the UofA

Sabrina and some of her friends

Somethin is a little off with the girl(?) on the left

Random party pic

Another random pic

Gence workin it up on the table

The aftermath

What was left of the alcohol at 10:30

Nice little morning afrter picture

I am at a total loss for words...wow

Joey's drink of choice i think?

Steve lookin nice and sober as always

Cute costume Jarrod

Jarrod and Sener

A few randoms

Stefan takin in the scenery

Steve and Julie

Julie and Andrew chillin on the stairs

Me, Jack, Dr. McNamera and Susan

Random party pic

Go Gence Go!!!


Nice touchdown dance Gence

Kris and SteveO, the pimpin island dancers

Kinda fuzzy little group shot

Nice picture...not mine

Kip dancin around

Frank the tank passed the fuck out on SteveO's floor

Is that what i think it is...i can't quite make it out

Fuzzy pic or not, that is Kroupf smoking INSIDE the house

The morning after in the living room

The bar the next morning

Mersh Moneymaker and his 22g nug

Good work, Arta

Scarface, Dr. McNamera, Taxi driver and the TLoc wife

What a cute TLoc couple

Wardrobe provided by WalMart

Gence and Lauren gettin kinda close

He's IN!!!

Emily, Lauren and Gence

Duff Man and Lauren couldn't even stand up long enough to take a picture

Susan chillin back @ my place

Susan rockin Mersh's glasses

Dance for me SteveO

SteveO behind the bar

Joey, Scottie, Kris, SteveO, and Candee

Scottie, Candee and Dr. Troy

SteveO and Candee

Duffman gettin some lovin

Tom pimpin it w/ the school girls

SteveO pimpin it behind the bar

Random party pics

Kris, SteveO, Tom and Sabrina

Im gonna go out on a limb here and say SteveO took this himself

Dr. McNamera with his Flappers

SteveO lickin Sabrina

OH wow!

Eric givin Frank the tank a titty twister

SteveO lickin Emily's face...i see a trend developing here

Candee and Steve

Dr. Troy with his new friend

God bless the UofA

SteveO and Sabrina on top of Candee

Nice random pic SteveO

SteveO's gotta quit takin pics of himself

Random party shot

SteveO, Julie, Nick and Andrea