Summer 2003

Lots of Drugs, Drinking and the Occasional Trip to LA

First Ferrari we saw drivin

Playboy Mansion entrance

Aaron Spelling's compound

Eurotrash hoppin into his ferrari

Probably not the best place to smoke

Random scenery

16 Million dollar house for sale
So that is what the gate for a 16 million dollar house looks like
View from one of the spots Arta showed me

Random house with a pool

Random canyon view

Random scenery

All of the pink buildings are one house

Pimpin party house on a hill

Random scenery

Random Canyon scenery

Turn the damn Sun off

Last view from he spot before we left....45 mins later

View from Arta's balcony

Back of Arta's house

Lower balcony at Arta's

Rest of 180 degree view on Arta's balcony

SteveO rockin the cowboy hat

SteveO doin the OGKush dance

Russ, Arta and Jose tag teamin SteveO

SteveO trying to divert attention

SteveO was able to snag the chair while everyone looked the other way

SteveO tries to figure out why is so so close to the floor

Maybe because the chair was made for midgets?

The tightest front door ever created

Palm Springs Outlet mall

The Lacoste Store


More windmills

Still more windmills

Amazingly still more windmills

Arta just can't get enough pictures of the windmills

I swear to god the horse on the right looked like it had a Gucci print

This sign seemed funny at the time

The preparation...

The excution...

The conclusion...

Barry Bonds on tv?

Looking down from the roof

Beginning of Tucson sunrise

Leilani and I kickin it on the roof

Sun is almost up

Tucson sunrise

Another sunrise

Artsy pic of sunrise

Teeing off towards the rec pool

Leilani and I

Ok, that's enough, turn the sun off

That one is definitly hittin the pool

Me passed out after a LONG night

Lindsay's first golf shot

Josh pissin off the roof

Arta sitting directly infront of the fuckin TV

Yo fool

Now that's the kind of teamwork I like to see


Evan before Silver Mine came

I've never seen someone so excited for food at 3am in my life

Only people left in Tucson during the summer

Arta, Danny and Seth kickin it at Shirvin's

Nice burn

Jason playin the piano

Back of Shirvin's house

View to the left from Shirvin's balcony

View to the right from Shirvin's balcony

Shirvin's back patio

Random scenery

Me and some random

Two aspiring actresses we picked up at Ralph's

Random scenery

View to the back of the car

Random view

Inside view of Arta's

View of Arta's from front door

Fuckin Eurotrash

Start of another Tucson sunrise

Almost there

Gettin really close...fuck it, im goin to bed

Candee passed out in the chair

Thought about waitin for it, but i went to sleep

Ward is eyein the bong

Jonelle and Mallory


Me and Jonelle

Mallory, Jonnelle, and Me

Mallory and Jonelle are fuckin hammered

Mallory and Kasondra

I leave this one to your imagination

Me and Ward after cashing a handle in two and a half hours

No clue

Ward can't wait

It tastes so good when it hits your lips

Ok, now u're just showin off

Yes you are a retard for dropping the funnel off the balcony

Don't remember much after this point

Doesn't look like Ward is gonna remember much either

No clue what I was doin

Sweet fuckin way to pour it in drunk ass

Look at me!!!

Bad sign when I can't even do them standing up

That looks painful

Not lookin good...

There's the 2nd wind i was lookin for

The fact that we are tryin to put the funnel on the wrong end should say somethin

Everclear and Belve shots, just what we needed to end the night with

Candee chillin on the floor

Jonelle, Mallory and Candee

Don't get too crazy kids

Are you kidding?

What the fuck is she doin?