Random Party and AEPhi Kickball Tourney

There is NOTHING better than beer pong at 8am

April 5th-6th 2003

Deutch and Zuke hustlin some poor bastards at beer pong

Team Ramrod!

A big beer bong, for a big man

Sean and Flounder gettin worked by Zuke and Deutch

Katie gettin ready

Suck it down Katie!

Freddie P takin one to the dome

Sean hittin the beer bong

Flounder thinks he found a drinking fountain

Sean gets a big surprise in his mouth

Look how many fuckin people are in Hirsh's place...gotta be a record

Me and Chip sportin the Aviators

Jack and Arta goin over the rail

Jack is lining up his shot

Arta has no clue where he is

Jack is makin sure to stretch out

Excellent form...

Oh shit, Jack sliced it, time to run

Jack enjoying an ice cold, remarkably refreshing popcicle

Nice too see you too Andy


Jack passed out in my bed...bastard

Not bad for 8am on a Sunday

Deutch and Neckritz enjoying a refreshing cup of 'liquid cheerios'

Flounder is ready to play, i dunno about Schnep

Amborn goin without the shirt

Deutch and I crushing people in beer pong...at 8am

Amborn and Deutch

Me and Flounder

Neckritz is startin to feel a little buzzed

Poor Flounder, I guess he'll just have to be on a team by himself

Amborn is startin to stumble

I never thought I would ever see this

Deutch and Jack

Number 2 proudly sportin his shirt...good pledge

Words can't even begin to describe this

Hot Jizzika!!!

Kevin Caplan...from bed to beer in less than 3 minutes, not bad for an old guy

Me and Alo

Liz and Bethany sportin their Sammy coaching gear

Amborn and Arta

Bethany and I during pregame warmup (beer pong)

Me, Freddy Prince and Sean

God damn...I am at a total loss for words

Maybe playing beer pong with vodka wasn't such a good idea

Looks like Flounder played a bit too much beer pong

Me and Shapiro

Flounder got his second wind

Wow, that didn't last very long

Liz drivin everyone's drunk ass' to the field

Flounder is lookin like he may be down for the count

"This area is not conducive to: Large Groups"...so much for that

Amborn running over to the family picnic next to us to try and get some food

Night, night Flounder

Get pissed Josh

Costa playin pitcher

Everyone chillin in the field

Our awesome coaches

Jump Monkey, Jump!

Schnepper makes his approach...

Me and Allie

Deutch jogs to home plate against AEPi in our 8-0 victory

Looks like someone got a little sun

You have got to be fuckin kidding me

Oh wow, look at that distance!

Flounder is as cool as Miles Davis

Deutch looks on in absolut disbelief

To the dome!

I swear my eyes were open when this picture was taken?

Smoke that shit

Hirsh is hiiggh as a muthafucka