Alisa Comes to Visit Me in DC

Well not really but she was out here


Shapo decides to come to DC for a night

Alisa workin on gettin hammered

Such a classic pose

Shapo and Alisa

Alisa is startin to look a little red in the face already

Everyone smiling before taking the cement mixers Alisa bought because she'd never had one...I didn't know that was a bad thing

Down the hatch

I think she's holding her hands up to make sure she doesn't puke

Shapo with the Rhino, even though we're not at Rhino Pub

Me and Shapo a few drinks deep

We won't get into why I have a picture of these two...

Even though she made me take a fuckin cement mixer for fun, how can you not love her

Ya, keep doin that so the five 40 year old guys will buy your drinks

Oh! So you don't like 40 year old men?

I'm gonna take that as a no

Me and Alisa, and yes, my collar is up but no I don't know why

double gin and tonic with 4 straws

3 seconds later its gone

Neither of us have any idea what is goin on

She looks so peaceful

Apparently she didn't like the flash from the last picture

Oh ya, she's sotally tober

Andy about to pass out

Shapo representin Indy with the Nascar blanket

Alisa sleeping peacefully before I wake her up at 7:30am, at which point she is still wasted

Even hungover she looks hot, the whole wind blowing in her hair might have something to do with that

Gotta love cleaning up the bathroom the morning after SOMEONE spends a good hour in there...NO

After the recovery day from hell, it's time to get back to drinking

Alisa regulatin over the game of pyramid

Shapo tryin to buy the last DMB ticket available...but fails

Smile for the camera

Julie, Josh, Alisa, and John all at Adam's Mill gettin hammered

How the fuck did she get so tall all of the sudden

That's why I love midwest girls

Shapo and Alisa both totally shitfaced if you couldn't tell by their plastered smiles

Alisa eating possibly the largest single piece of pizza ever, amazingly enough she ate the whole thing

Alisa practicing for her model/porno shoot

Someone isn't happy about being drunk for the 2nd night in a row

One of my all time favorite pictures

Josh right before he spent the next 10 mins in the bathroom regretting having a giant slice of pizza