Alysha's Wine and Cheese Party

Plus a few randoms tossed in


Angry Darrel's Los Betos leftovers

Kelly and her litle Sis

That kid definitly pushed his friend back into and over the red brick wall

Hery look, I think it's Ace and Gary

Paul new hat for the night

Syd and Alyssa

Sober Stanton before goin out

Ryan talkin and enjoyin a 7&7, that is the definiion of a truemultiplexer

Stnaton feelin a little more lively

Big Pimpin

Borto, Jonelle, Stanton and Alysha

Sigma Kappas



Me with Mallory, Jonelle and Susan

Ryan is tryin to remember where the fuck he recognizes these girls from

Stanton made some new friends
Liz and the cool ass chick who drove my drunk ass to a party Random, Susan, Alyssa and Susan
Alysha thinkin she's thte biggest pimp alive

Randi and her cue friend

Susan and Alyssa

Bottle of Vueve gone in 5 mins

And from this point on the night only gets worse

Hey look! It's the center for creative photography.....and I have a this must be creative

No fuckin clue

Apparently I met a new drunk friend who was 21 too.