Kayla's 25th Birthday

...and Amanda's b'day and partyin at Jasons


Me and Amanda @ 6

Fuck this bitch, she was hot, but not that hot

Miguel lookin super creepy

Happy birthday Amanda!

Where did Preston go?

Me, Amanda, Preston, Claudia and I forget

Later dude

Ok, last one

Hi Tyson

Kayla and her birthday flowers from Ricky

Those are some amazing....flowers

Ok, they aren't edible

Sicky Ricky and Kayla

We hadn't even started drinking yet

Ok...that was a lie, we'd for sure started already

We totally could have made those open toed shoes with an exacto knife...false

Me and Kayla

And they wondered why everyone kept staring at them?

Nerds for sure

Mine pics are better...stop trying


Bread jugs? ...I have no idea

Kayla tryin really hard not to spit out her food


They're so weird

Don't look too psyched Ricky

Kayla making an important phone call

Dawn kept wanting to scream something

George and Kayla

Me and Dawn...why the fuck did this have to be fuzzy, I love this picture

Happy Birthday Princess...and me

Why does everyone keep honking at us!?!?!?

Kayla's birthday presents...and Ricky's

Hot chicks with big tits....covered in money, awesome

Happy Birthday Princess!

I feel like that is more of a birthday present for Ricky?

Hooray for porn on your birthday

Ricky wins

Ricky, Kayla and me

No time to wrap? Just use an envelope

Kayla and Stephanie


Ok...I'm done

Me and Ricky

You know how I know we're awesome...

How cute


Darrel, Ricky, Me and Kayla

We must have been facing the stage when this was taken...or Babes has a squirrel infestation


Still standing....in our sick ass kitchen!

Love you Princess :)

Ok...nap time

Kayla...and Will & Grace


Ricky hangin out

Will and Grace...BROTHER!

Why is Katherine holding the tongs? She is a girl....

Nemo's awesome job of trying to melt cheese

Jason getting yelled at...weird

Michelle and Katherine...not TOO wasted, yet

Heather hangin out

Heather, her roommate, and her friends from Kansas

Heather after she ate shit and fell over in her chair...while holding the baby, good one

Ok, now they're wasted

I like where this is going

Kelly, Michelle and Katherine

Katherine at her own little rock concert...weird

Mike's turn


All he is missing are glowsticks

Ok, he's done

Amber and Amy

Mike drinking the last of the Jager

Not bad for a nice little Saturday afternoon

Kelly and Cyncha...Kelly saw a squirrel

Kelly and Cyncha

Jeremy and Dave

I love it when Michelle gets that look in her eye

Kelly has had enough

Ok, maybe just a little more

Michelle doesn't want to let her go


WAIT! I don't like that one do over!! ...this one isn't better

Honestly...who brings their own laptop and dj shit to a party at someone's house you don't know

Oh well....it kept Kelly entertained

Aaron...you look a little tired? Little worn out maybe from earlier? ...well played sir, well played