Two Weeks in Amsterdam

Diesel and Buddah and Morning Glory...OH MY!


Arta's Dad enjoyin a blunt

That's some good herb

Wanna get high?

It's like Christmas

Laughing Buddah, Helter Skelter and Morning Glory

Arta rockin the penis hat

No clue...

Me chillin @ the table

Arta's Dad workin hard...with herb in hand

I Have no idea what's goin on

Buddah, Helter Skelter and Morning Glory

Same shit

Wake and bake baby

Arta enjoying a nice spliff

Hit that

Arta and I with the Popo on New Year's

Arta takin random shots w/ the new camera

Random people

More Randoms

It seemed a lot cooler at the time

No clue

Me walkin around Amsterdam w/ some drank


The left eye is beginning to close

Leona chillin on the couch

Sarah playin w/ her hair

I think she lives in the apartment

No clue

The first of many to be cashed

Laura, Arta and Leona

Leona gettin some sparkler action goin on

Sparklers on the roof

View down the street from the roof

Sarah wandering around

Happy New Year!

Fireworks over Neiwedijk Square

More Fireworks

Even more fireworks

Yes, they're still going

Random street

More fireworks still


Yum yum

Random people

More random people

Dammit, forgot her name

Yo fool


Laura and Arta

Arta and Leona

Me and Leona

Laura and I forgot the other girl's name

The kid who "saved" Arta's life

Me and Arta

Hi Arta


Miss Too Cool on her phone

Arta pimpin it

The Girls

Oh wow, Arta is hammered

Yes, that is a sparkler in my mouth

Leona tryin to tell a story

And the eyes are closed


Leona and Sarah

Yes, the fireworks are still going

Some random ass guy from Maryland

He just saved Arta's life

The last time Arta smiled on New Years

Leona fuckin with the CD player

Everyone chillin

Uh oh, Arta isn't lookin so good

Ohh, what's wrong

Leona tellin Arta to drink his water

Brother and sister bonding time is about to end...

Goodnight Arta


Everyone chillin on the couch

Arta feeling much better than the night before

Yes that is Melo on the side of a building in Amsterdam

I have no idea what's goin on

Some chinese parade

More fuckin fireworks

I love the Red Light

Random shot down the canal

More parade shit goin on

Yes please

The only fucking time we were there that the sun was out

The Cannnabis College

All of that is only 5 plants

I forget the name

Now that is just pretty

Nice little shot w/ the logo


Arta is totally speechless

Arta hittin the Roor we bought his Dad

The Roor

Profile view

ok, 1 too many pictures of the Roor, my bad

The Rijk's museum sign

The smallest car EVER

Rijk's museum

I thought this would be a lot cooler...i was wrong

Rijk's towers

Garden pathway

View from the front

The bottom half of the front

I do believe I found heaven

Heineken kegs

Tight poster

It looks so real

Another random poster

The key to happiness

Hops or Barley, i forget which

The dude who invented the strain of yeast that gives Heineken it's flavor

Bunch of words I didn't want to read at the time

Big copper things that they mix the barley in i think

They hold so much beer it boggles the mind

Nice little sign

If only it was real

I dont think the can is gonna let Arta do anal but he's gonna try

Heineken is from Holland.... ishn't dat veird

You think it's just a small little poster

but it's HUGE

Random scenery

Down the canal

After these, all my favorite cartoon characters came to play with me for hours!

Lawn infront of the Rijk's museum

American Consulate building

Some big boat

I forget what this was

This makes Lil' Jon's crunk cup look cheap

Random painting

Random bowls

It is REALLY creepy how 3d this pic looks, even when u're sober

Dead birds used by Dutch men to tell women they want to have sex

Some guy offerin some birds tryin to get some....fucking crazy euros

This painting is seriously 10 feet tall

This painting was 20 feet tall and really wide, i forget the number

More crunk cups...the Dutch knew how to party in style apparently

Shitty cups

A bunch of guns...u had to be there

Arta took this cause he was gettin pissed that I wasn't in any pictures

I know this place across the atlantic ocean, and NINO was it's name-o

Pakistani International Airlines...if u dont get the joke, then u are a retard

The palace in the damn Dam Square

Arta was upset that it was four people to a stool

The Bulldog in Leidsplein

Random shot of Leidsplein

The number 5 tram

The Hitachi building

Arta's favorite restaraunt

Bronx apparently has his own gay sex shop

The Heineken horse

Pasta Baby!...oh wait, Rasta Baby

Arta tryin to figure out what to do

Escalator's at "Fitness First"...awesome

This is INNERspace, not INFOspace

Free Lance, if only it was free...

The penis fountain in the red light

The penis fountain

Arta wanted to bring the dog with us

They tried to kick these two guys out of the bar but they couldn't even walk so they just let them chill

I rolled my ankle...again. and I was drunk...again

YAY!!! Rookies...home of crystal haze, the best shit we had the whole trip

Arta rollin one last blunt in Cafe 420