Random ASU Pirate Party, and Marine Mike flies in for a night of boozin

...and some random pics from other nights too


And I thought he picture is Cosma was gay...wow

So pimp...the chick went to friday and stole the table clothe then stapled it together

Me and Mary

Shredded and Beefcake

Brendon play grab ass, except he is doin it in the front and about a good higher

Two hot chicks and three gay dudes

If the poor girls only knew....

Hey Shredded...I think she can feel your hand, way to be smooth though

You have to be WASTED to fall out of a Papazon chair

Ya, turn your head in smile to cover up the shame and worthlessness you feel in side

A girl must have walked in, or Ryan caught his reflection in a mirror, one of the two

Taylor and Shredded

I love it when people ask me to take a picture of them and when I say 1, 2, 3.....the fuckers are lookiung the other way

I don't think it is even possible for Ryan to smile any bigger

Cake time for b'day boy

That's really hot, not sure why but iu wish that my penis instead of a cake

While it would appear to be a fake axe to the noraml, untrained eye....in actuality, it is a real Medeival axe, the only reason i know that is because Darrel cut his figer on it

I'll give you TWO guesses as to what was on my mind....and honestly, if u dont get this joke, come over to my apartment and I'll explain

Some kind of shots

Girls covered in icing...ok, time for the clothes to come off and the fun to really begin

And the icing food fight has begun

Awesome picture...except its fucking blurry

Mr. Metabolism chowin down on whatever he wants becuase he can...lucky fucker

And now there is random black shit on his face...never usually a good sign

Beefcake and Brent

Even if I told you that Shredded was starring at the cake instead of that nice, young, respectable girls boobs.....I would be a totaly liar

Ok, mental note to never, EVER fuck with this chick

Unless she wants to rub that icing all over herself while she is naked

Boobies...and no Ryan, not yours

Beefcake tryin to blame anyone but himself for eating the cake

Taylor is a Smelly Pirate Hooker....but she's kind of a hot pirate

Worst synch'd dancing ever

Oh god, it's getting worse

Honestly girls, just give it up

I'm pretty sure the Conga line has nothing to do with your dance

This chick has had enough of us talking shit...well fuck her anyway

Now if only they were all naked....sad times

Random keg stand

And another

Beefcake weak ass keg stand...couldn't even hold himself up

Maybe it is just me, but the dude on the left looks like he is lovin the reach aroudn that he is givin to darrel

Ya, she's 17....probably not the best idea

Random weirdo passed out all over the house

Chick beer pong team one

Kaitlin, Me and Taylor...I wish they were my roommates

Where did all the food go?

Darrel havin some fun w/ his random fake pirate shoter

Awesome, a giant helium canister...random but still fun

Ya, Taylor is hot

That has to be a stictly platonic relationship....no way those girls would ever hook up w/ that homo

Shredded just goes down hill as the moments go by

Yes Ryan, I do see you

God dammit, clothes were so 10 minutes ago, apparently these girls didn't get the message

I know, I'm awesome, how can you resist me?

Jessica, Shannon and Paul

Ya, this whole double standrd thing about girls be able to touch other girls boobs but guys can....totaly bullshit

Marine Mike takin drunk pics before we even get to the bare


We may as well just tell him good night now because he's gonna end up "going to take a piss" and magically just never showing up again

Bunch of homos behind shannon sittin in a booth

Jessica, some random and shannon

Busted, that hooker is definitely checkin out Mike's ass

Three girls freak dancing and they all have their clothes on...wtf is this? the god damn micky mouse club?? Take some of that shit off

One of Paul's really good friends from school

Beefcake, Josh and Mike

Sweet face, go show someone who cares

Beefcake, Josh, Jessica, Marine Mike, Shannon and Creapy Paul doin god knows what on the end

Jessica and Mike

Sorry about that last one, I was a little drunk

And the award for the biggest cock tease goes to.... SHANNON!!!

It's cool, it's cool, he's totally sober

Jessice pretending to be mad cause I took a picture of her and didn't giver her enough time

If they were both naked this picture would be perfect

Bad ass bar tender dude

You really had to be there

I'm fuckin serious, it was a lot cooler in person

Ok, i'm done, time to go home

Josh and some random ass queerbait at the bar

Very good Shannon, use two hands to hold the beer...just pretend it's like a big sippy cup

Like you dont know everyone else is starin at your boobs, I just happen to be smart and remember to take a picture of them

Suddenly Shannon became extremely unattractice...maybe it's just me but I hate girls that use their teeth...so unnecessary

Look how much Josh cares about story time with Shannon

God dammit, once a fucking gain...you had to be there, I know the picture sucks, but get over it and move on

Marine Mike and Josh

Beefcake, Me, Paul, Mike and Josh

Mike passed out on the car next to me

I really can't tell who is holding who up...which is kinda scary

Josh before his 1st sale

And again because the 1st one wasn't good enough?

Beefcake's pants after Annabelle pissed all over him