Autumn's Birthday @ Devil's North

And then back again the next night, and Sunday funday @ RA then Loco...hardcore weekend fo sho



Dodds, Claire and Mallory @ Dirty Pretty

Sarah and I

Shannon...our favorite

Big Dick, Beefcake and Dave @ Devil's

Sweet sign...obviously necessary

I'm not even going to try and guess what she is thinking about

Dave, Jen, Autumn and part of Darrel's head

Autumn gettin pulled in all sorts of directions and places...weird

It's your birthday so i'm gonna look past the fact that you look like a retard in the picture

Jen and I forget

Jen, Jen, i forget, and Autumn starting with the finger in her mouth already, this should get interesting

Me and Fowler

Half are looking, half aren't, but it doesn't really matter cause the girl grabbing Autumn's tits is the best part of the picture

Oh so sexy

Apparently the finger in the mouth is the new pose for the night...kinda hot

Jenny, Autumn and i forget

Me and Birthday Girl

Fowler bending Autumn over

More shots are needed....NOW

Jen, you motorboatin sonofabitch!

Girls dancin up on somethin

Jen and 2 friends from high school

Broken glass...smooth

Autumn and Jen gettin freak nasty

Stephanie doin the hair fling?

Dave pretending to talk on the phone

More shots?

What the hell is Jen doing?


Jen, Jenny and Autumn

Happy Birthday Autumn

Autumn is perplexed by something on the table...perhaps a spoon?

The look of shock!

Jen doing an impression of something for sure...i'm gonna guess Tommy Boy

Hi Jenny

Nice Stephanie

Dance party

And again...

Ok, enough

Autumn rockin out at the table

Autumn, Jenny and Jen

Jenny and Jen

What the fuck is goin on here?

Autumn thinkin about how awesome I am

Autumn and Jenny

No clue...the guy in the background is pretty awesome though

Autumn, Jenny and Me

Jenny trying to concentrate through the booze to take a picture


Good to see there was for sure not a lack of booze

Fowler lookin all cute

Best temper tantrum ever!

Mom's new favorite shirt

Hi Mom

Me and Josipa

What the fuck did you do to Lucky?

Josipa and lucky

You do realize he eats poop right?

Josipa and Me

Beefcake, Kelly, Dave and Jason...and randoms

No clue...probably shouldn't drink so much and then go out

Darrel, Dave and Mike

Hi Mom! Dave looks like he's had a few too many shots

Dave, Josipa, Mike and Amber

No clue

Me and Amber

Our new roommate?

Beefcake and Jase...puttin out the vibe


Kelly and Mike

Ya, no kidding, that bitch was gross

Jason laughin at some girl

Stephanie and some random car

Bunny, why did I take this?

Beall trashed after bowling

Monique throwin up gang signs....right

Sutton is havin a little trouble standin up

So that's where all the imaginary balls that Paul plays with end up

Love you too Little One

Monique and Josipa

Sweet parking job Stephanie

Bridget just threw up in her mouth a little bit...or alot

I just wanna dance!

Who sits like that @ a bar?

Apparently Chris and Ryan got married....little weird

Chris and Bridget @ Loco


Me and Stephanie

Darrel and Josipa

The sun never sets on a bad ass...or Chris in this case

Bridget totally thinks she is holding a drink

Beall waving from 2 tables over...nice

Josipa chillin wth her Corona...never seen that before