Babes Christmas Party

And other pics from the weekend, but who really cares about those


Aric hangin out for the weekend

Josipa enjoyin her BJ shot

Shot chick from Dos

Josh, Beefcake, Johnny Bravo, Me and Josipa


It's not that our shirts are too small, we are just too big for our shirts

Most disorienting pic ever when you are wasted

Me and Little One

Gotta love the random dude on the end fuckin creepin into the pic...L for love, fuckin homo

The crew

You hang up 1st, no baby you hang up 1st.....homo

Dude, so is this cut on my eye like I need stiches bad, or like cool scar bad

Ya, I know...we're awesome

No comment...

No clue


Fuck that homo

HA HA totally want to fuck me

As if sneaking off to the corner to talk on the phone wasn't bad enough.. Hey Mike, you know how I know you're gay.....

Josh with the duct tape

Beefcake hangin out

And the duct taping begins

Oh snap! Gotcha bitch!

Our awesome christmas tree at the mansion

Adam hangin out at his weekend home

Josh passed out w/ Jayme still on the phone...awesome

Darrel tryin to wake Adam up

Oh snap! Look at them go

Even the fuckin dog is gettin in on this shit

Josh doin his best to stay out of it

Please dont kill me

I love you hang up 1st baby, no you hang up 1st...gotta love the long distance relationships...been there, ruined that :(

Joshy playin w/ Tyson

Adam gettin Tyson all excited

Sweet dude, let him fuck shit up in my room please...fuckin asshole

Darrel keepin his feet warm down the crack of Adam's know how I know you are both gay, self explanatory

Oh shit, my name is Kayla, and I'm so cool I'm talkin on 2 phones at once

HEY! Everyone, come and see how small Jeff is!

Beefcake poundin that fuckin bottle

Me and Jason

OHHHH, how cute!

Jason, Knudten and Big Dick

Oh snap, Knudten found a friend

Dave the rock star in the background

Random ugly chicks

Oh shit! She's waaaaay too cool to be in a picture for me apparently. Whatever, her loss

Me and Jase

Darrel poundin shit again

Knudten takin a pull!

Dave cold kickin it live

Me and Charmaine

Dave and Big Dick

Much better...

Sweet fuckin group shot

Me, Jase and Beefcake

Big Dick, Knudten, Me, Jason, Beefcake and Dave

Knudten rockin the Josh look

Dude, she could totally be your mom

Jase, Dave, Beefcake and Richard

Fuck ya Jeff, get her!

Big pimpin bitches, you wish you could touch us

Oh how cute...not really, it's actually fucking lame!

Much better...the happy couple

Dude, Jeff...she is totally 40

Me and Lindsay

Darrel rockin the Josh motif

Ya good is fucking super burrito

Jason fucked up...weird

Sweet belt buckle Jason

Out cold

Jason sungglin with the ketchup

Jase tryin tyrin so hard to read the label of what the bottle is...lost cause

Dave, Josipa and Beefcake

Me and Courtney

Look this way, fuckin retard

Oh snap! It's Iron Mike Tyson

Still not as tall as me....fucking gay short chicks:(

Ya girl, fuckin jam out with your...

Courtney tryin to be chance though

Beefcake, Dave, Josipa and Courtney

Josipa the fucking rockstar!

Girl on Girl...can't go wrong with this ever!

Oh ya...get some tongue action goin

So awesome!

You fucking wish I would kiss you

OK, fine....but only cause you are kinda hot

Court and Me

Dave and Beefcake

Lindsay doin a nice little table dance

Stop tryin to make out with me and take a picture

Courtney and Me =)

Me and Lindsay

Courtney and Lindsay dancin on top of the table...awesome

And some more...

Keep goin...

Crazy crackhead chick and Dave

Work it girls

Kinda hot, not gonna lie

Coutney about to pass out on Darrel

Love you too little guy

Dave, Courtney and Beefcake

Me and Courtney


I win!

Dave tryin to figure out why he is so fucking bad ass

Me and Beefcake

Courtney and Beefcake


Darrel givin the chicks in the swing a little extra push

Darrel is drunk


No clue

Weird, Courtney wants to be in a picture

Posted child for not doing Meth

Michelle and Beefcake

Josipa takin a picture of me takin a picture

Me, Little One and Beefcake

Michelle and Jasmin

Jasmin and her boy toy

Me and Lindsay

So awesome...just because

Shelly's sister and Josipa

I Win!

Lindsay and Me

Me and Little One

So good! My 2 favorite places having their Xmas parties at the same place...not gonna lie, it was a little awkward for a little bit

Me and Lacey

Josipa and Lacey

Me, Little One and Beefcake

Me and Kayla

Me and Olivia

Josipa and Kayla

Josipa, Kayla and Michelle

My 3 Favorite girls

Beefacke and Little One

Josipa and Gayle

Me and Gayle

Gayle and her boy toy

Me and Kayla

Josipa and Lacey

Me and Little One

Me and Jasmine's Boy toy

The bathroom dude, Jasmine's boy toy and me

Gayle and Kayla...that's a lot of titties

Shelly and Kayla

Me and Kayla, my new favorite rockstar =), ya

Toni and Lindsay


Lindsay's face against some chick's ass

Gayle, Toni and others

Josipa and Beefcake

Josipa up on the pole

Michelle and some random

Kayla and some random chick

Josipa and Mike

Ya, that's fuckin right, I'm awesome

Beefcake brushin his shoulders off

Kayla makin out with some random


Shelly and Me

Tony doin the "fanta" dance

I'm gonna let this one slide

Lindsay and half of me

...even less of me

Gayle on the pole

Lacey and her husband

And it begins...

Jasmine's boy toy

Me, a random bouncer and Clayton

Me and a random bouncer...who eventually kicked me out

Michelle...being Michelle

Josipa and the visually impaired Beefcake

Me and Lamien

Josipa, Me and Lacey

Me and Beefcake