Birnbaum's 21st B'day

Good thing it was a Wednesday, Otherwise They Probably Wouldn't Have Let Alysha in 4 Times


Even fuckin Deutch came out for this one

Group shot before Ben's

Randi and Alysha

JVH and Lindsay with Zuke sneakin in as usual

MIS represent!

Jess and Claire

Oh Snap! Can you say kodak moment

Birnbaum WASTED!

The happy cute

Brendan and Mallory

Me and Stef...mmm mmm

Stef and Alysha, no WAY Alysha is sober

Alysha and Zuke

Brendan showin Deutch what he has in store for him later

No clue what this was

The finger just screams SEXY!

Randy dandy lookin pretty happy

Shots on Lucas for all the girls

Deutch makin sure Darrel isn't in the picture with him

Lucas pimpin it with the SigKaps

Shredded and Lindholm makin a cameo

Kamikaze shots for everyone, courtesy of Darrel

Randi, Alysha and Stef

Phil and Stef, the happy couple

Big Dick and Candy

Deutch, Zuke and Brendan havin a conference

ChiTown and Candy

Darrel and Stef

I've got a fever, and the only prescription...more Stef

Claire, Lindsay and Shredded

Stef and Mal

Shredded and Justin

Whatau Bitches!

ChiTown and Brendan, both hammered

Zuke, Big Dick, and Deutch

Hold up your cups, whatever you got infront of you, and give it up

Darrel, Big Dick and ChiTown makin friends with JVH

MIS kids know how to do it

Stef, Jonnel and half of Darrel


Hardy looks ecstatic

Birnbaum fucking wasted

Me and Hardy

Lucas and Claire

Darrel toastin and Justin is just plain lost

Phil bending Stef over to make out with Jonnel

Phil sizin up Jonnel while she's on the floor

Claire licking Jess' face...awesome

Even Millhouse makes a cameo

Lindsay laughin at Darrel tryin to dance

The other kid

Go Darrel! The techno fag has nothin on you

What up Drew

ChiTown washing his hands...such a clean guy

The morning MIS kids, too bad Josh is the only one nice enough to say Hi

WHY? Of all the pictures that came out bad, why this one???

Darrel still dancin

Damn, look at him go

Alysha and Syd helpin Birnbaum make it to the bathroom

Paul givin Lucas a big hug

Darrel gettin some action from JVH, Lindsay and Claire

Big Dick and Brendan

What's up Candy

Deutch and the random can't believe how wasted Carter is

Tongue rings are better...biatch

Cater is even more wasted than I am

Me and Randi Dandy

Great faces all around guys, way to go

For once, Zuke isn't paying attention and it is not on purpose

Almost a 1st person view of Deutch throwin a quarter in Mallory's beer

Zuke tryin to be sneaky and hopefully snag some laundry money that should be going in Mallory's glass

They're not roofies Mallory, just quarters....I swear

Randi double fistin

Birnbaum has no clue where she is

Ryan is wasted...if you couldn't tell

Randi and her not so happy friend

Zuke lookin at the massive boner that Carter

Lucas saved the day and found JVH's purse that she left under a bar stool...very classy

Darrel about to turn around and say, "God dammit, quit fuckin touchin me, i'm tryin to drink!"

Darrel dancin on the back of Lucas' car with the tailgate up...I know, VERY weird angle

Darrel carryin Mariah fireman's style when we get back...guess which one is sober

Nicki and JVH

Jessica likes adidas too, what a coincidence

No clue who took this

Yes Beefcake, I know, I'm the man, you don't need to remind me