A Random Blackout Thursday

Ben's, Trident, Dirtbag's...it's a viscous cycle


Josh and Jill

Josh, Paul, Mike, Coach, Beefcake and Jon...blacked out here we come

Jill and her roommate?

That's hot

Me and Mike

Not sure what happened on that one

Mike helpin Beefcake stand up, Josh and Paul could probably use a little bit of help too

2-for-1 deal...Mike wins?

And maybe not

Yes, I know Mike, I'm the man...no need to point

Maybe at this point I should have just called it a night

Fuck that, if Rimal is out getting plastered then so am I...MIS represent!

Abbie and Cindy

How cute

OK, one more time

Me and Abbie

Er ner?

Tyler and Casey, obviously hard at work

Casey doin Beefcake's shibby dance on Alex

No clue

Oh snap! It's the Taliban @ Dirtbag's

Might as well take a shot before they blow something up

Me and Carolyn...Naptown love

Beall, Kevin, Sener and Carolyn

Can you pick out the sober one? Haha, trick question

Me and Alysha

Poop, Lucas, Kevin and Beall

If only Molly was facing a little bit more to the left...maybe another angel could have gotten its wings

Me and Sener

Stop pretending Josh, no one is trying to get your attention

Me and Rimal

Who the fuck is this guy, and more importantly why the fuck is he at Dirtbags

Phil lookin more excited than normal....can't blame him

Susan and Rimal...wonder if Rimal will still be givin a thumbs up in the morning

Carolyn showin off outside

Rimal after being intro'd to a Royal Flush shot....somehow I doubt that it was the one that put him over the edge

Honestly Schneider, what is it with the wide open mouth?

J and Josh...neither remember this picture, big surprise there