1st Blackout Thursday Rockin the New Team Blackout Shirts

...and some pics from Candee, Seth and Scottie's party


Lindholm and Paul

It would appear Susan is drunk enough to give Darrel a wet willy...we all know what that leads to

Ohhh...he's such a cute little guy

Lindholm, Sly and Paul is apparently too cool for school

Beall and his g/f

Kassie and Jonnel...gotta love the tongue rings

Jivich, Kassie, Jonnel, Mallory and Randi with Josh and Big Dick sneakin in

Girl on Girl love...never a bad thing

April, Kassie, Jonnel, Kief and some random

Josh apparently wandered off and made friends with Wayne Brady...AND he's throwin up westside to look extra black for the camera

Jonnel and Kassie...again

Susan, Mallory and Jonnel...apparently someone gives them a thumbs down

Hadar and Jayme

Chris is finally back at the bar

Mike and Mike, and Paul showing me how much he loves me

I'm gonna go ahead and assume that this must be a thing between them...and it probably should have stayed that way

Susan, don't act like you disapprove of my hat...you love whores as much as the next person

Susan, me and Amy

Scottie Eh actually made it out for a Blackout Thursday...too bad he is sober


I love you too Kief

Team Blackout strikes again! Whatau bitches!

Would have been an OK pic of some of us rockin our shirts except someone is a fucking retard and can't take a god damn picture...honestly, is it that hard

Dodds and Jonnel

Me and Seth @ Dirtbag's

Seth and SteveO holdin each other up

Me and SteveO...yup, I'm drunk

Dodds and everyone's favorite little Mexican boy to kiss on the mouth

Lovely sign Brookie...gotta love sorority senior week

Where did all the logs in the fireplace go?

Candee givin the standard greeting

OM Ben and Josh

Chelsea had by far my favorite sign

Ok, little creepy...not gonna lie

Haha, Drew got caught hitting on Borto

Big Dick from a really random angle

Jon showing off his 'perfect' golf swing in the middle of Dirtbag's...great idea

Me and Tay

Me and Carolyn...Naptown represent

Forch and Alysha

Apparently Jon has once again decided to bypass the whole talking to girls thing and just start grabbin their tits straight off...lemme know how that works out for ya

I'm gonna guess that I missed whatever this was supposed to be a picture of

Forch doin a quickie little salad tossin with Alysha...in the middle of Dirtbag's

Apparently Jon is gonna hop in for a turn from behind as well...lovely

Me and Brenner

My brain is telling me that this is a picture of Josh but my eyes aren't buyin it

Easy cowboy, did ya forget Courtney is sitting right next to you...oh wait, you did

And the award for most blacked out of the night......better fucking go to Dean after this little incident

Jon, I hate to break it to you man but that isn't Courtney

Paul was making the greatest phone call of his life

Cookie Monster underwear...that's hot

Mike rollin out in the Escalade

Scottie doesn't know

AJ is fucking hammered...oh wait, my bad, I forgot his eyes are always half closed

Good to see Frank the Tank out...now if only he weren't texting his fucking girlfriend

Tom chillin @ SteveO's

I'm gonna go ahead and stay over here, thanks for the quasi-seductive 'come over here' finger tho

Dick and Andy

I love you too SteveO

Jen and Beefcake

SteveO startin off a toast

Is it just me or is anyone else thinking....'I can't believe he's so trusting, while I'm right behind you thrusting..."


Andy and Zuke take a time out from the party to flip through a Playboy

Kassie and Jonnel

Me, Jonnel, Randi and some weird ass lookin motherfucker in the back

Me and Brooklyn @ Dirtbag's....cause she can finally get in