Another Fantastic Blackout Tuesday and Saturday

Team Blackout Strikes Again!


Dean's usual night at home

Mmm mmm, sour apple vodka

Zuke, John and Alysha

Me and Lysh


Me and Paul

Marshall, Me and Jayme

Me and Jayme

No clue

Paul, Ugh, and J

Josh's look of disgust seems odd

Me and Amanda

Paul, Jen, Josh, J, Jayme and Me

Stanton and Alysha with Zuke sneakin in the back

Stiffler's mom and Alysha


Poor Lucas

Josh and I made a bet that was important enough to take a picture of us shaking on it but neither of us remember what it was

Sener, me and Kevin

Lauren, Lucas and Erinne

Don't lie Schneider, you love it

Paul and some random

Courtney, Coach and ?

Lucas, Amanda and Randi

Susan and Randi makin out

Randi, Me and Susan

Me and Megan

Apparently she doesn't want to be in pictures

How cute

Me and Barbara...where the fuck did I get that hat?

I can't tell who is holding who up or if they are both just lucky to be standing

Sener, Kevin and some random

I love it when I give my camera to people cause they want to take pictures and I get it back with shit like this

What the hell is Sener about to do to that poor girl

Sener, Kevin and Hardy

Me and Stanton

Kevin and Sener haven't moved from that spot since I walked in...i'm going to guess it's because the wall is holding them up

Brendon and Erich

The view from the bar when you pass out on it


Gotta love Donald workin the back bar

Erich isn't lookin so good

ChiTown and Erich...too bad it's fuzzy

Ya right, be right back my ass

As fuzzy as this photo is, it's probably about what the bar looked like to Erich at this point

Puke and Rally!!!

Me sitting on Sener's lap...and it just got weird

Stanton enjoyin a lovely breakfast burrito

I don't even want to know what Lucas is doing

Golie and Courtney...the best brownie makers ever

As if Drew needed to eat any more brownies

Good night

Damn, those fuckers were a little strong

How the fuck did I pass out like this


Josipa and the twins

Paul, Jason, Marine Mike and Beefcake @ Ben's

Me and Danielle

I didn't know it was possible for a guy to cross his legs like the guy sitting down on the right is?

Me, Jake, Alysha, Big Dick and Beefcake takin shots for Jake's b'day

Steven, Beefcake and Paul...MIS represent

WTF is Tyler trying to do

I'm guessing he was going for a new facebook picture?

Schneider makin Tyler his bitch

Big Mike playin with some random chick's face

Paulstar strikes again... fuckin douche bag

I think Kristel's tits are bigger than Mike's... better take your shirts off to make sure

Paul, Josh, Beefcake and Paul

WTF is that

Sooo much love for Fosse you can almost feel it

Paul made a new friend

Paul and some random skank

Mike dipping Paul...Josh is thinking the same thing most people probably are

Beefcake, Big Dick, Sly, Marine Mike, and Paul takin Beefcake's 151 and somethin awful shot...dick

Gotta love Blackout Saturday's

Kevin at Dirtbags

Suwen makin a cameo at Dirtbag's after a long vacation

Why is Sener's arm so wet

Me and Suwen

Me and Sener, who probably doesn't even remember being in a picture

Me and MIS Dave...gotta love it when the MIS kids make it out

Kristel and Big Mike

Me and Jon...who apparently stopped by after a long day at the Yacht Club

Kelly, Kristel and Mike...this could be interesting

Me, Marshall and some random

Tyler takin 2 beers at a time

Me, Amber, Jon and I forget

He is always sooo happy to see me

Deano Mac is back...finally

Jonel and Alysha

Can you say Deer in headlights