SAMMY Friends Weekend

Bobby Comes to Visit...YAY!


Stacey, Kristin and Me

My hand slipped...or something

Zuke's boy reachin for another beer he doesn't need

Kristin and Stacey

Bobby, Zuke and Elmo


Look at all the glass

Me and Amborn

Bitch and Shit

Bobby, Zuke and Douche

View from the other end of the limo

Zuke and Elmo

Douche and Bobby

Kristin, Amborn and Jack

Me and Zuke

Bobby tellin Douche to refill his cup

Stacey, Kristin, Amborn and Jack have no idea what's goin on

Ohh man, it's only a matter of time...

Bobby tryin' to make a toast or somethin

Hi Kristin

Stacey and Kristin

Evan thinks he's big pimpin' on Kristin

For some reason I think we thought it would be funny if it looked like we were talkin on our cell phone...right

Hi Jack!

So it was us and 3 other people....right

Didn't believe me did ya?

I think Bobby is telling us he has a hard on from dancing with the nasty chick...awesome

Work it! Work it!

Bobby askin Kristin, "So whats yo name?"

They have NO idea what's goin on.

Evan is always in such a positive mood!

Grr Grr!

Zuke tryin to see if he can get anywhere w/ Stacey

Evan workin it threesome style

Bobby decides to make it 4!

Looks like a little lovin from Bobby was all she wanted

Kristin and Stacey

Me with Kristin and Stacey...ROAR!

Elmo thinks he is demolishing

Stacey has no idea where she is

Evan tryin to big pimp it w/ Stacey and Kristin and Zuke makin a camreo

Douche and Stacey workin it

No clue...nice pants?

Stacey and Kristin dancin on the bar...the night can only get better

Bobby's beer got clanked and he prolly never saw it commin.

Bobby doin a cross between C-Walkin and Riverdance

Everyone wasted back in America

Bobby is in his own little world

Evan got wasted...if you couldn't tell

Kristin, Deutch, and Stacey

Hi Stacey...oh ya, and Deutch too

G'night Elmo

Kristin passin out baller style with a smile on her face

Amborn seems to be entertained enough not to pass out

Zuke and his boy (who needs to start getting into acceptable drinking shape)

Zuke and Jack throwin down

Look at all those sober faces

The perfect way to end a night...Just Blaze!


Hot Jizzika!!!!!

Seth stops by to say, 'Yo Fool'

The operation gets under way

The flat of BRIGHT colored flowers

Zuke and Jack holdin up the center piece tree

The flower arrangement in place

Code's truck transformed into a mobile nursery

Arta wants to make sure the flowers have plenty of water

Apparently Jack feels the need to water them as well

So awesome

View from far

Bobby also feels the need to water the flowers...without his shirt

Nice landscaping Bobby

Another pic for posterity

And another...

Jack starts to take off as Code realizes what we did

Jack gettin the fuck outta there