Century Club, Some Random Night and Walk Out

3 Very Drunk Occasions @ the Beginning of November

Douche is ready to play

Loaf makes a toast


Kaufman tellin it like it is

Caplan waitin till the minute is up

Potter says 'Giddeyup'

Counting down

I thought he was supposed to be on Alcohol Probation?

Freddie P about to lose it

Some people are too drunk, too early


Why am I wearing sunglasses?

Kevin is drunk

someone takes good pics

Fuck you too Douche

Grab your glass

He can drive, it's cool...NO

Loaf makin a toast

He has no idea what his name is

Potter, Code and Evan


What's so funny

no clue

Kaufman gettin wasted

Yo fool

Bitch please

get ready..

No one is calling you, put the phone down and drink

ya'll can't hang

Back up of me

Fuck u again douche

Evan is 100% sober and he still does that

Kevin about to pour beer on Code

Loaf's head

Evan is drunk


Jack and Evan

Jack singing like a good little plege

Tollbooth Willy


Kevin lookin a little queezy

Look like he ate somethin not too tasty

no comment


Captain and Beer...not a good idea

Kaufman is in a happy place

Smile if u're sober

Down that shot


not bad

Is that a keg inside a fraternity house?????


Erinne and Kacey

Ward can only dream

Hug the cock girls

Who is that guy?

Get some Ward

Michael's ready to play

Douche teaching the fine art of throwing a quarter

What the hell is he watching

Tea bag his ass

No you can't have the camera

I call heads

Jack's x-mas tongue

45 degrees....damn its cold

Rip that shit

Mark is done


Soooo wasted

Trying to get the fork to stand up

Douche can't even open his eyes

Someone has the munchies

Take one more...

He's done

Keep it goin

What is he pointing at

The walk

Go UofA

Bitch, turn around

no clue

Nice hair

Somethin was funny, i forgot

Get pissed

The oldest trick in the book

You can't pass out yet

We'll make your ass get up

Dont even think about it


Someone raidin the fridge

Flounder about to get slapped upside the head

Arta passed out







See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil...ok, that's just gay

Bitch and Shit


Leave the tree alone

Becker passed out on the couch

Come on, one more drink

Becker is dyin'

Yay for beer!

Chug Chug Chug!!!!

Freddie P is done

Passed out

EXT on 20's

Those who survived...

no clue

The sword

He's done

Yo fool

Milhouse passed out on the couch

Flounder passed out on the floor

no clue

My Pyramid

The kitchen table as he left it

The next morning...

He's awake, I swear