Day Drinking @ Salty

So much for the Culinary fest...


Kayla and Courtney

Me and Courtney

Josipa tryin to distract the dude while he was makin our Guac

Cute Kayla...not so much

I have no idea

Me and Kayla

Kayla is a little perplexed

Courtney trying her best to ignore the dude behind her

Me and Kayla...what's with the old guy behind us

Josipa, Me and Kayla

Ty and his tray full of shots...such a bad idea

I didn't think it was possible for someone to get that messy eating guac

So Kayla decides to change her shirt on the spot...weird

Josipa havin her own little rock concert


The girls

I heart boobs

Kayla, Josipa and Courtney....and "that" guy in the background

Tripple kiss...nice

I know, I'm awesome


Kayla, Creasey and Courtney

Hell ya Creasey, hop on in

Will someone please buy them shots

Courtney, Josipa and Kayla

Me and the girls

Ya, I know, I'm gay


Josipa swingin Courtney's bra around while half the patio is watching

Probably should have stopped drinking at this point...

Josipa playin grab ass with Courtney

Courtney apparently wasn't in the mood

Still goin...



And down they go

Yes, they really are on the ground

Creasey is a little trashed

Kayla starin at her own boobs

Sweet profile shot...not so much

Kayla with the worst paper airplane ever

Josipa still crawling around under the table

The fucking bite mark Josipa left...fucking lame


Not fucking funny

Ty doin a body shot off Josipa

Me and Creasey

Katelyn...sober amazingly enough

Me and favorite salty chick fo sho

Ok, time to go