Last Dead Day In College - Spring 2005

Ben's, Dirtbag's, and 2nd homes in Tucson


Jon whispering a secret to Courtney

Shannon screaming about something

Hot Shannon, very hot


Terrorists hanging out at Trident

Mike, Mary and Josh on her last day of work @ Trident

Stacy's ass...excellent

Me and Tasty

Dean looks like he's in good spirits

Chitown, Beefcake and Sly...blacked out

Josh, Jon and Josh

Me and Abbie

2 Randoms, Julia Gulia and Melissa

Besides Beecake and Shannon...why does Drew always seem so fucking excited?

Me and Brendon

This guy...priceless

Most of Team Blackout posin for a picture

And another

The token group shot

Dodds is too ashamed to even show her face

That didn't last very long

Paul, Dodds, Garret and someone's middle finger

Mike, Josh, Beefcake, Jon, Zuke and Dodds @ Ben's on Dead Day

Mike, Josh, Beefcake and Dodds

Dodds hangs her head in shame once again

Beefcake and cute

Box and Courtney...thats hot

Josh, Beall, Beefcake and Mike...Happy B'day Beall

Sener putting some sort of Middle Eastern spell on me

Erin, Dodds and Sener

Why do I get the feeling that Mike isn't nearly excited to be in the picture as Dodds

Laura, Sener and Suwen

Sener and Beefcake goin at it

Suwen gettin in on the action

Paul, Harry, Karim, Me and Suwen

Is it? Oh my god, Shredded finally decides to grace us with his presence once again at the bars!

Kief and April...that's hot

3 randoms and Danika

Stacy out at Ben's legally...finally

Stacy, Shredded and Beefcake

Round one of 911 turbos for the night...this should make things interesting

Me and Jayme

Jon, Jayme and Josh offering his thoughts

Will, Kristen and Mike

Me and Chelsea

Me and Big Tom

Susan reading the back of the official Team Blackout of 5 million people to try and do so that night

Josh and Sener

Kristen appears to have lost her two front teeth

Heather and Monica

Wow...Monica must be hammered

Monica, Me and Kristen

Serra, Me and Connie

Heather, Kristen with all her teeth and Monica

Lucas and two randoms

Mike and Paul laughing at the fact that Dodds just slapped Josh

Paul holding Dodds back from slapping Josh around some more

Mike with a drink I hope is for someone else

Beefcake holding up how many drinks he's the last five minutes

Beefcake and Arta

Imon, Beefcake and Arta

Mike licking Dodds' that's hot

Beefcake and Imon

I'm pretty sure that Lindholm is lost with no hope of knowing what happened

Gena and Courtney

Lucas and Lauren

Nothin but smiles for this little guy

At least I got the important parts in the picture

Me and boy from freshman year English

Me and Mike

It would appear as though Dean just stole this drink

Phil carryin shit around

Jon biting Courtney's tit...that'll win her over for sure

Jaime, Jon and Beefcake

Sener lookin way too happy

Me and Alex...I win

Round 2 of 911 Turbo's as well as my notification that my tab just hit $100...fuck

Me and Arta

Me, Lauren, Imon and Arta

Arta and Alex

Alex, Lauren and some random

I think Lindhom just hit Josh in the back of the head and Josh hasn't realized that it was Lindholm that hit him yet

Jon and some chick

Jon tryin to get a little action from Lindsay

Me and Shredded

Wow...both of them look way too gay for anyone's good

Beefcake and some random

Chitown actually came out...surprised me at least

Dean doing pushups in the middle of Speedway

Dean stoppin to take a piss break on the walk over to Trident

Mike layin out in style in the middle of Speedway

Dean gettin a second round of pushups in

Paul felt the need to show off apparently by doing one handed pushups

Cristal doin somethin

Kelly and Cristal

Mike and Josh gettin some quality time with Susan and Randi

Josh and Randi

Billy and Jake chillin in the booth

Cristal and Josh

Beefcake about to punch himself in the face, Paul, Josh and Mike

Jake the Snake askin the ladies "Who wants it deep"

Josh, Paul and Jake w/ Kelly's new friend, who coincidently plays baseball...weird

Jamie and Paul showin off the tap they just borrowed

Casey and Paul

Will in fine form as always

Nice to see you guys too

Jon looks lost....rephrase that, Jon has no clue where he is

That's the smile of a Blackout Drunk

Paul with his asian face and Josh with his token middle finger

Paul making sure to document the spot on the floor where Beefcake ate shit for no apparent reason

Beefcake and Paul after Darrel was finallly able to get off the floor

Jon still laughin over Darrel falling

Oh snap! What asshole did that?

Nice head shot of Dean

Just as Josh was about to smile for the picture, he heard someone, or maybe something, talkin mad shit

Apparently it was the metal bar that was talking shit to Josh...awesome

Mike with another drink

Would have been an awesome group shot if it was so fucking blurry

Me and Cristal

Apparently Jamie wants in on the action with Cristal as well

Josh, Beefcake about to eat shit again, Paul, Mike, Chris throwin his crutches up in the back...and some random Indian kid...right

An Indian kid rockin socks with sandals...classic

Josh and Mike found a new friend

Why do I get the feeling that my vision was about as blurred as most of these pictures

Rockstar Cristal

Jon and Paul screamin about somethin

Josh about to caveman Box...very classy

Paul and his boy from class

Jake the Snake in rare form

Half of Josipa

I wish this would have come out...don't lie, you were about to click on it and probably will anyway

What seems to be going on out here in the darkness?

I hear a rustling but I can't quite make it out...

Woah, Jon wastin no time gettin up close and personal with Courtney

Jon's face is way too serious for him not to be seriously trying to rail Courtney on the hood of Paul's car

Mike back at Josh's house

Dean found a nice comfy spot on the floor until Paul decided to bust out the spray bottle

Daniel makin a cameo at 3:30am


Paul wearing his ZBT disguise

The amazing Cinco de Mayo dinner that Jayme and Courtney made us...thanks girls!