Deutch's 21st B'day at Trident

Plus a few other random pics tossed in


Ryan gettin liquored up @ my place

Don't remember

YES! Darrel is rockin the official shorts of's almost like Mazatlan, except it's Tucson

Danielle and I

Darrel hidin behind a pillow...definitly dont know why

Paulo Caliente and Alysha

Arta already sees another girl

Danielle and Jen

Jen and I about to take a Royal Flush shot

Jonelle's rocket dog broke so the first attempt to fix it was masking tape

Ryan lookin way too happy

Danielle was wearing one of the most amazing shirts i've seen in a while

The kids that Paul told to either leave or go stand over by the wall...they actually went and stood by the wall

Apparently the masking tape wasn't strong enough so duct tape was tried

Johnny passed the fuck out on my couch, Darrel was right next to him but his gay ass deleted the pic

Alysha and I after she went to a Playboy date dash

That's hot

Francis and I drinkin up on the roof on Fucked Up Friday

Kelly and Billy enjoyin the view on the roof

Francis and one of her ex-boy toys

Stanton is holding the light of God

This looks promising...

That is awesome

Stanton flashing the lifeguards at the pool, it would have been cooler if Kelly had joined him

Apparently Stanton felt the need to moon them as well

Paul doesn't look like he's havin much fun

Andy has no idea where he is

Darrel enjoyin a lemonade and vodka after workin out

Deutch and Zuke chillin before we hit up Trident

Andy is apparently too fuckin cool to look at the camera...ASS

Zuke, Deutch and Stanton

Deutch in the car on the way there....this is the last picture I remember taking

Lucas, Deutch, Zuke, and ODB

Johnny makes a cameo

Garret has seen the not sure what light but hes seen it


Ryan and ODB

Garret and some other dude

Why does Andy have my hat?

Zuke, Andy and Deutch

Yep, Deutch is hammered

It looks like it's gonna be one of those nights

Zuke looks like he is about to slap the shit out of Evan

Lucas, ODB and Garret

Ryan and Darrel, if only Paul would have come then it would have been like Spring bueno

Me and Abbie

Evan Arta and Shervin were there!

Andy is definitly holding that girls head in the picture by force

ODB and Zuke found some hotties

Sener doin a little multitasking

Ryan and Darrel chuggin Tokyo Tea

Maybe that's the reason I dont remember anything...shit

Random shot

No clue

Jenny and Sener

Allie and Evan

Holy Shit, it's Millhouse

Laura, Emily and Jenny...muy bueno

Laura and Jenny

Emily and Jenny

Laura was definitly fuckin hammered

Ryan and Darrel each with yet another Tokyo Tea

Me and Deutch....both of us are done

Definitly the other Big Mike rockin a size small tank top

Me and Sener

Sener has absolutely no idea where he is

What's that Laura, no more things in your mouth?

OHHHH, no more Tokyo Tea, Sener was havin none of that

Brendan not fuckin payin attention

No fuckin clue who this guy is

How the fuck did he pull that

Even fuckin Joe managed to tear himself away from the architecture building to have a drink

My view from the back of my own fucking car on the way bueno at all

Ryan and Darrel whispering sweet nothings into each other's ear