RA and Dirty Pretty Rockbar Grand Opening

And to think I was going to stay home...Ok, that's a lie


I really hope there is an inside joke to this pose...

Fowler and her bottle

It looks like someone kicked her puppy, when in reality she is just out of beer

Autumn and Fowler

Autumn, Me and Beefcake...sake time!

Fowler, Autumn and believe it or not the rest of them are all girls too....yes, i'm serious

Beefcake and Jen

Seriously, what's with the thought pondering pose?

Much better

Lick it clean

That's what happens when you try and show off...

I win!

Woah...kinda creepy

So awesome...

Beefcake's pants...i'm gonna guess Jen took this one

Beefcake, Autumn and Me @ Dirty Pretty

Darrel, Jen and Me

Autumn and Fowler

Autumn's priceless face while spilling the vodka all over herself...that's kinda hot

Puke from the stupid bitch sitting next to us

Jen pullin off the bottle with the security top on...now that's dedication

Not bad...

Now that's what I like to see

Ok, enough

Well...maybe just a little longer

Yea girl!

Me and Autumn

Beefcake and Fowler

Jen taking a self pic...best part is Autumn's face in the background

Fowler and some random

Autumn, Fowler and Kayleen our new favorite cocktail chick

Beefcake, Jen, Me and Autumn

Kayleen and Fowler

Jen, Me, Autumn and Beefcake

Jen and Autumn

Me and Autumn

Jen and Randoms

Autumn not really sure if she is likin it

Ok, I'm pretty sure she does

Bitch please...

Me and Jen...that's a keeper