Partyin w/ Kayla at Dirty Pretty

And some other super random pics from other weekends



Cyncha and I forget

Jason is concentrating so hard just on standing up it is AWESOME!

Monique and Amanda

Me and Sam....I know I haven't come in for a while, but no puppy face

Much better :)

Amanda and Me

Me and K-Momo

Lesbian roommates...awesome

K-Momo and P-Nazi doin the prom dance

Me and Kayla!

Marissa and Kayla...they should both just be topless

Hooray boobs!


I've had a few Chardonnay's...what of it?!?!

Sooo sexy...false

What up Dave!

They've got a little in them for sure

Bro and cute

Excellent hand placement Dave

Picture Lady


It's cool dude, there are plenty of other girls

Very appropriate Dan

Well done Aaron...well done

Random hot chick and Aaron

Bad Tyson!

Keg stand time...

Ok, ready?

That was probably a really bad idea


Me and Heidi-Ho at around 6am probably

Long fucking night fo sho!