UofA Reunion @ Drift and Sunday Funday @ Salty

I heart spring in Old Town


Heather hangin out

Redo cause, 'that was a bad one'

Gabi and Heather

Me and Gabi

Woah, extreme closeup, not necessary

Heather partyin in the hot tub by herself

Heather and Gabi

Jason and Mike on the way to Old Town

And once again, Jason saw a squirrel


Me and Gabi...why are my eyes open so wide?

Mike, Gabi and Jason

You know how I know I'm gay...

Gabi chillin @ Crown

Jason and Rob

Bike taxi guy smokin while drivin us...so Euro

Hey guys

Why is Mike standing up?

Mike strikin a pose


Dark pic

Me and Sam

Biggest glasses for a shot of tequila ever

Mollie, stop being so shy

Nancy, Mollie, Amy and Kelly

Me and Cassandra...random

Big Dick, Charmane, and Dave

Amy and Mollie

Nancy, Amy and Mollie

Me and Tealdi

Me, Tealdi and Taylor

Ok, why are there 2


Oh snap!

Ryan and Foley

Sutton, Hersker and Fosse

Kayla @ Sunday Funday before she bouned

Shay, Josipa, Lyndsey and Becky

Hi Katelyn

Me and the girls

Lindholm and Becky

Wasted...beyond belief

What up Terrel

Me and Mom

No phone so Shay 'dawg' had to write her number on my arm...I'm awesome

Josipa and Becky

Shay, Josipa and Becky

Mom and the creapy guy

Oh snap! Jivich is here

Shay, Becky, Lindholm and Terrel

Jivich and Syd