Eller College of Management Commencement

I Always Knew This Day Would Come, I Just Didn't Think It Would Come So Fast


Dave and Big Dick drunk in the parking lot before their graduation

Me and Carolyn...Naptown represent

Carolyn, Emily and Korenna

Amanda and Jayme infront of McKale before graduation

Susan's titties...god I'm going to miss them, I mean her

Beefcake, Paul, Josh and Me...a little dark though

A little better...

Co-Founder's of Southwest Smart Homes...you heard about us here first...don't foget it

Randi, Susan and Alysha all dressed up in "Business Prodessional" for Eller's graduation

Me and Susan...I love you

Haha, Look! Jayme is an Alumni, and even has a frame to hold infront of her face to prove it!!! Such a clever girl

Typical picture...Josh, and Beefcake flickin me off and Paul on the phone not payin attention

Me and Stef


The view from our seats on the floor looking back towards the Fam

Danielle and Me...damn, my tie is fuckin baller

Freshman Paul finally realizing that we're graduating and not going to be in Tucson next semester, and Danielle smiling

It's cool though...we'll be back, Josh will make sure of it apparently

ChiTown, Beefcake, Josh, Alysha and Me at Eller Commencement...MIS REPRESENT

Dr. Carter, ChiTown, Beefcake, Paul Frio and Me. all the Blue House Business Majors, oh snap! Who wants a drink?

The picture I took from the stage before commencement started

Serra and Connie at graduation

Jayme and "Hey look at me man!"

Mallory, Randi and Susan sittin next to me at Graduation

Freshman Paul and Freshman Danielle sittin half way up there somewhere...without Air Horns

Me and Pops...I love you Dad

Me and my Mom

The kids w/ my Aunt Donna

Lori, Mark, Me and Maureen...gotta love the nice peaceful, sober kids...right

Me rockin the cap and gown...MIS represent!

Team Blackout strikes again! Should have been a little more sober at graduation...oh well

Josh and Paul at Dirtbag's

Courtney and ChiTown gettin wasted @ Dirtbag's after graduation

Cindy and her sister @ Dirtbag's...er ner, sister love

My two sister's gettin hammered at my apartment cause Robert is gay and wouldn't let my little brother in

Me, Maureen and Lori @ Dirtbag's while I was still allowed until the owner decided to be a total asshole prick

Me and Mike

Shot time means a little family bonding with the sibs, minus 1..cause Dirtbag's sucks my ass

The bite mark ChiTown gave Paul to make him wake up...little creapy, not gonna lie

Alysha and my Sister back at my apartment after all the shit went down