End of Fall 2004 Semester

Dead Day, Susan's Christmas Party, My 22nd Birthday and Finals Week


Carter apparently so pimp that he brushes his chest off instead of his shoulders

Garret and Dougie on his 22nd birthday

Paul rockin a sweet fuckin turtle neck sweater...I don't think any of that beer is gonna make it in his mouth

Borto and Alysha

Happy Birthday Lauren!

That's hot

Smallest kids in the bar, Paul, Scottie Eh, Beefcake and Pat

Scottie givin Paul the thumbs up for bein an asshole and knockin his drink out of his hand

Random, Will and Mallory

Nasty Nate headed to the bathroom

Me and Mallory

Benetti and Mallory

Danika and Chitown

I see sparks starting to fly

Birdman talkin shit already

Where'd your girlfriend go?

Mallory, Chitown, Carter, Big Dick, Andy, Standon and Danica

Zuke and Birdman

Dougie gettin slapped in the face for biting people...he remember none of it though

Alysha and Josh...tough to tell who is more hammered

MIS represent!

Dude in the background doesn't know either?

Kelly broke here heel, the logical thing to do would be to break the other one, but oh no, not Kelly

Travis tryin to spit some game and gettin ignored...completely

Coors trying to console Kelly after she broke her shoe

Me and Kelly

Paul and some random

Paul, the random, and her friend

Maybe if Kelly stands in the corner, no one will see her or know who she is...yaaa right

Shannon and Adam both fucking wasted

Stanton makin an appearance at Dirtbags

That is something I never thought I would see...kodak moment for sure

Beefcake running after something

Paul about to drop Dodds on her head

The jew thing at sigma kappa

Tyson's new friend for the night

He doesn't look very playful

Kacey, Ward and Erinne

MIS represent! Mike, Paul, Me, some MIS chick and Beefcake

I think Hogan is trying to tell me that the girl behind me has some shit on her lip?

Vince has become an Asian cowboy...awesome

Me and Kelly

Chelsea enjoying her drink, which is conveniently rested between Kelly's boobs...I don't know who is enjoying this more, Chelsea or Kelly

And Kelly is done for the night...too bad


Me, Alysha and Chitown

Trevor pointing and screaming some shit...what else is new

Me and Trevor

Phil and Jake

Phil gettin some love at work...nice touch

Imon gettin wasted

Jake tryin to sneak a shot during work

Mollie and Shervin...probably the most random picture I've taken in a while

John and Dean

Zuke showing Evan how he really feels...nice

Alysha, Randi and Borto

4some...I win

Me and Carolyn, Naptown buds

Imon, Shervin and some random ass girl

Deutch and Trish 'the Dish'

Deutch and Trish, again

Evan, Deutch and Trish

Mike stalled out on his bike after pullin in to 711

Shredded wandering around

Chelsea nearly pushed Ryan over...not surprising seeing as we found him wandering down Speedway

Tyson chillin in my bed

What's wrong puppy?

Ok, quit lookin stupid

How can you ever get mad at that face? Easy, when he shits all over your floor

Tyson learning to tilt his head when he is confused just like a sorority girl...awesome

Tyson passed out on Jess

Beefcake and Susan

Me and the love of my life

Kroopf, Randi, Jonelle and SteveO....wait, I thought this was a Christmas party?

Me and Higgins

Shouldn't Susan be wearing the Christmas Tree hat?

Half of Annie and Mallory, Susan, Jonelle and Randi

Zuke and Big Dick, both seemingly perplexed

ODB, Zuke, and Big Dick

Me and Baldi

Me and Beefcake rockin the holiday sweaters gettin wasted

Tasty and Zuke

Me and Alysha

Me and Tasty

Stacy and her roommate...I think

Susan, Amanda, Jonelle and someone else...their fam in sigma kappa

Me and Susan

Amanda, Susan and two randoms

Beefcake and Big Dick both lookin pretty wasted

Jess and Randi looking very festive

Me and ODB

ODB can't believe I actually got him to take a picture with Lucas...I WIN!

Susan and Randi

Hot girls, very hot

I think I should have just stopped drinking at this point

Jess, Randi and ODB

Randi and SteveO...2 lonley Jews, on Christmas

Lucas and some random

Kroopf and Susan...SO random, never saw this comming

Amanda, some dude and Jess

Lucas all alone under the mistletoe...poor guy

Mallory looks like she's up to something, probably pretending not to be drunk

Kelly, Beefcake, Zuke and ODB

Me and Mallory


Tom and Ashlie...the happy couple, how cute

Jivich goin down on Claire...awesome

Jivich and Claire

Kroopf gettin wasted

ODB looks way too happy

Brian makin a cameo

Syd holdin an empty cup...boo

Me and Jess...how cute

Me and Beefcake takin shots with Mollie and her family for her Dad's b'day....awesome

The Christmas Elves...my sweater was still better

Alysha, Birnbaum, Borto and Paul

Alysha doesn't really approve of the dude Mal is lookin at

Alysha and Mallory

Julie and Jonelle

Beefcake, Dodds, Alysha, Jonelle and Fazel poppin in the back

Dodds and Alysha

Shapo dead sober at Dirtbags

Hee hee hee...

Don't act like you guys don't see each other

WOW! Definitely didn't see that comming

Apparently neither did Dodds

Alysha lookin for some Elven love

Sam in town for the Holiday

Some random, Same and Alysha

Ted has finally come out of hiding

Me, Melissa and Corinne

Me and Ted

Colin thinkin about goin back door on Julie

Looks like he got it

Me and Colin

Me and Kelly

Zuke and Brooke at Sigma Kappa

Me and Brooke

Zuke adding the finishing touch to Jess' candle holder

That's hot, sneakers and a dress...very professional woman living in the city

No Clue

Some chick with huge fluffy pink shoes we saw on our drunk stumble home before we tipped over the parking meters

Christine, Birnbaum, Randi, Alysha, Stef, Borto and Jivich at a Jew party...thank god Alysha was there

Tyson goin after the older girls

Beefcake headfirst out my car trying to pull the parking cone we ran over out from underneath the car

Wow, heads first apparently is the way to go

Wouldn't it have just been easier to open the back door?

Apparently not

Paul, Tyler, his roommate and me

The ugliest fucking boots ever!

Beefcake drinkin straight from the pitcher

Paul double fistin

Paul and Mary

That's fuckin hot

Some random, Jess, Mollie, Me and Paul

Me and Mollie @ Trident on my b'day

Josepa stealin a few drinks

Me, Abbie and Cindy

Shredded with toilet paper stuck to his shoe

Me and Abbie

Jessica and Abbie

Paul and Phil...what the hell is Phil wearing

Mariah passed out on the couch when we got hom

What the fuck happened?

Don't remember any of this, nor do I remember why my pants are off

Me lookin like Thermun Mermun from Bad Santa

Still drunk at 2pm the next day rockin my boxers, a vest and my dress shoes

After waking up in my own puke I decided to throw all my sheets away...not so smart

What was left of my cake, left on top of my car...all night

Me still drunk and brunch the next day...wow

Back to the couch for the day for me

Sener and Danielle at O'Malley's

Vince in fine form as always

Vince, Sera and Connie

Tom is obviously sober

Phil cheesin'

Sener relaxing in my laundry after Dirtbags

Zuke and Stacy...and my old Indiana license plates