Last Week of February 2008

Out and about in Old Town


B, K-Momo and Marlene

Me, Monique and Marlene

Why are my eyes open so far...creepy

Marlene, Me and B

Me and Sam

Monique and B suckin one down

I forget

Oh ya, now I remember

No clue

Monique breakin it down

Why does Marlene have an X on her hand? I didn't know places in Scottsdale did that?

B, Marlene and Monique

So good looking

Ya, I know, I'm funny

They look like midgets

K-Momo still looks with it...must have been from earlier in the night


Oh great...make out w/ the driver

I should have gone home

Why did I agree to go to Axis?

And not a single one of us looks even close to sober


Me and K-Momo

Sener is havin trouble gettin his phone to work

...still workin at it

Sener the napkin ninja

...or a failed attempt at making it look like a bandana

One of Mike's friends

Sener loves to glare


Apparently Mike joined the napkin ninja crew

Sutton thinks he is awesome

Sener decided to stay ninja even after we left RA

Heaven Hill vodka...nothing but the best

Why is simon frowning, Kevin and Elise look so happy

Maybe that last round of sake bombs wasn't such a good idea

No clue

Sener striking a provocative pose just for Mike

See, he liked it

Brooke was wasted...awesome

No idea who Brooke is pointing at, but I don't think she does either

Sutton, Brooke and some randoms

I wish I was as drunk as Brooke

Ok, this is just weird

Honestly Sener, is it that hard to look at the camera?

Kat and Monique...where did Kat come from?


Massub is wasted

Possibly the sexiest thing I have ever seen. 12 shots all for me...kidding

Tara, and a bunch of randoms

Sener trying to act interested

I know I'm awesome, no need to point

Where did all the girls go?

So cute


Dave is wasted

Me and Jackie

Seriously, what's with the staring

So weird


Simon and Sutton

Sener trying to convince Jackie to break up w/ Kevin so he can have him all to himself

I don't think it worked

No clue

I don't think I have the camera anymore

Could either of them smile any wider?

Two shots...hooray!

Ok, I for sure don't have the camera

Because I obviously needed to be reaching for this

Didn't take this one either

Ok, you can give it back now

Finally a good one

Dave found a new friend?

Are you serious?

Oh shit son! Dance off at Dirty pretty

White kid hoppin in


Don't do it girl...


No idea who that is


Might as well prop your feet up and take a nap