Random Pics from the end of November 2004

Pics from a Night at Ben's and from UofA beating ASU 34-27


Shapo and Dodds...with black hair?

Me and Jivich

Jordan and his "invisible" girlfriend...wow

Me and Morgan

Sweet fuckin smile Lindholm

Darrel new puppy Tyson

How cute, he passes out on my fucking bed just like his dad

Stef's friend, Stef and Alysha...with dark hair? Why are all the blondes going dark?!!?

As if you need to guess who is passed out on my floor even when no one is on the couch

That's right, it's Shredded

Nice face Mark

My sister hasn't quite mastered the zoom function on my camera

Pops chillin before dinner

My sister yelling and pointing at something....never seen that before

Random shot at the game

Another random... we have a pretty nice stadium now that I think about it

My sister, little bro and Me at the game

Another fam pic at the game

Zuke is way too sober for anyone's good at the game

Steve-O and one of his little brothers

Wilbur doin pushups...you know what that means

Pic of the skyboxes

Southside endzone

What is all this standing around bullshit? Play some fuckin football

Jered makin a cameo at the game

Don't remember...

Shredded and Zuke almost too sober to function

Ya ya, we know u're Shredded, you don't need to remind us why it's your nickname

More pushps, fuck ya

Pom line...from the back

Pom line from the front

Pom line from the back, again...this picture was supposed to be something else, but I don't remember what

And I thought we had some less than amazing cheerleaders...

Whatever happened to cheerleaders always being hot?

Halftime show...boring

Halftime made the ADD kick in so we bounced back to my place to booze it up some more

My little bro drinking more back at my place

Paul concentrating way too hard on not spilling the shot

Paul tryin to get Mark hammered...it worked