Random Nights Out at the End of the Semester

and the Washington, DC Zoo

Yes, that is Darrel with his collar up

Deutch, Arta, Costa and Elmo in front of Sullivan's for Costa's last night in Tucson

Stanton and Stef chillin at the apt.

Dr. Carter and his new chick

Shervin, Darrel and Ryan @ Trident for my last night in Tucson, and yes Darrel, I am the man

Zep makin a cameo


I forget what was goin on here

Not just 1, but 2 tequila shots for Zep

A shitload of tequila shots for Mikey's 21st bday

Happy 21st Mikey...looks like you started early

Mikey and his girlfriend

Some dude, Mikey and me takin a royal flush AND a starry night

Maybe I should have just given him one shot instead of two...

Ashley and Ashley makin an appearance at the new bar

And Shervin drove me home...wow

Darrel and Ryan back @ my place after Ryan walked from Euclid and Univ...big surprise there

Russel stopped by my apt. one night to say Hola

Russel's amiga from little kid school

Some random dude who just showed up

Russel's friend Justine...I think

Some bird chillin on 1 leg and a Zebra on the right

Colorado Buffalo's

The famous Panda Bear

Both of them just chillin in their room....and they wonder why animals dont reproduce in captivity

The Panda took a shit right in front of us...it was a life changing experience

A Tiger hangin out

Still just hangin out walkin around

A Lion chillin

A Tiger with "back problems" so to help him the Zoo gives him pain medication, I honestly thought he was dead

The Tiger waitin for the Zoo dude to bring him lunch

This big ass cat walked in the same figure 8 so much that he had worn down the grass in a perfect pattern....kinda weird

Bald Eagle...by far the tightest bird ever

More American symbols just chillin

Fuckin fence got in my way

Last Bald Eagle pic...sorry, i think they're fuckin awesome

This picture is just for Susan...the mexican wolf, better known as a Lobo, "Everyone loves the Lobos!"

Does this seem funny to anyone else?

So that's the bird that was killed to fill the vase in my living room at home with all those feathers...oh well