Fall Bid Night 2004

Hittin up the bid night parties for the last time then off to Dirtbags


Holy shit, it's Ace...

and here's Gary...the Ambiguously Gay Duo
Ward takin a piss in his room at Kappa Sig...and yes, he's a senior living in Kappa Sig
Ward and the reason he wakes up every morning

Hogan, ODB, Ward and the wife

Ward and Zuke about to throw down...real smart Ward

Jenna and Carter

Most annoying fuckin ribbons in the world in the tree in Kappa Sig's courtyard

Ohhhh, doesn't Coors look so cute all dressed up playing door man

Greg, my freshman year roommate and I partyin @ Delt...my eyes are definitely totally closed

Darrel double fistin

Julie and Dave at Delt

The girl next to Lucas recognized him because she goes to HIGH SCHOOL with his little brother, the only thing better than freshman girls are high school girls

Zuke in fine form as usual and he's actually looking at the camera...I feel honored, well not really

Randy showin some impressive balancing skills

Jonelle and DFlip

Shapo and I, right before he went to go puke... not so nice

Dodds thinkin she is hot shit...ok, she kinda is

Beer bitches at Delt

I think the fact that Will's eyes are so open makes it just look like mine are almost closed....shit, probably not

Lauren and Courtney both in fine form as always

My favorite freshman pot heads from last year are all grown up

Tamir and I both way too wasted

Me and Lauren at Delt...damn she looks good

3 randoms

Deutch is pointing at me, yet both he and Julie are lookin somewhere else... and I thought I was wasted

Carter, Beefcake, ChiTown, Zuke and Julie, who is giving some guy a look like, you wish you could have this

Hey look, I can see all the way down Stanton's throat

Genie and John at Delt...my, my the drama this caused

Fish has no fuckin clue where he is or that I'm even taking a picture

Random party shot at Delt

Bad shot of the bar area at Delt


Beefcake holdin his baby flask, Me and Will who finally looks like he's startin to get wasted

Will has removed all doubt as to whether or not he is wasted

Boz gettin some froshie love

Carter is paying attention, but Zuke has decided he is now too cool to look at the camera...ass

Susan and I infront of Kappa Sig

Liz, Michelle, Zuke, Susan, Randi and Carter...group hug in the middle of the street, awesome

Susan and Carter definitly didn't see this one comming

Susan and Deutch hangin infront of Delt...wonder what Evan is looking at, BUSTED!

Susan givin Beefcake a big hug

Candice and Scottie Eh

Darrel and some dude...the best part about this picture is the angry girl's face in the background

ODB, Susan and Zuke lookin at some chick's ass

Aaron chillin at Dirtbags

ODB holdin up his free Bud he got courtesy of the sticker that Susan gave him, and Eurotrash jumpin in the back of the pic

It's just a beer Susan, it won't bite, hard

Dude seriously, I mean come on

ODB is fuckin wasted and it makes Susan laugh

Phil and I at Dirtbags, doesn't look like he's workin tonite

Ok, now it's Carter's turn

Carter and Phil, what is it with pointing at the camera?

Phil, Andrea, Jonelle, ODB, Lee, Randy and half of ChiTown

Michelle and Susan at Dirtbags

Easy Freddy, use the arms to keep your balance

Andrea and Candice

Nick most likely making a drunk dial because it looks like the most exciting phone call in history

ODB, Andrea, Me and Candice

Someone's tonsils

Hot girls, very hot

Megan, me and Susan

Beefcake gettin some love from Susan

Carter, Zuke, Susan and Beefcake

Eric and Darrel

Beefcake and I after he got kicked out by the asshole bouncer who gave him an ID to use...fuckin prick

Drunk ass girl just chillin on the lawn infront of Fiji

Ward pointin to something that must have been pretty fuckin cool, on second thought probably not

Nice shoes Ward

Bryant, Darrel, Big Dick and some freshman chick he picked up at Delt

Mallory not wantin to be in a picture

Drunk ass John after 4am beer pong when he came upstairs and sat down, his chair fell backwards and he totally ate shit against the table...good form buddy, good form