FBR Open Weekend 2007

So Apparently There Was Some Golf Tourney Goin On?


Dave the Rock Star

Poor Lucas

Rockstar...fo sho

Let the photo shoot begin

Come on girls...give me something to work with


Lindsay...why did you have to leave?

Yea girls

And then...

And then...

Oh yea, the token pull the hair back move...nice

Lindsay tellin her, 'It's cool, just a little tongue'

Blah blah

Dave and Me

Beefcake is about to lose his camera priv's


And then...

Why did you have to leave...honestly?

Keep going...

I win!

Me and Lindasy

Nice shot Mr. Cake


That's the obvious reason why girls have boobs

Lindsay...sans head

Me and Random

Dave's face says it all

Me, whats her slut, and Dave

Nick, his brother and i forget

Jamie doin 'Thriller'

Knudten lookin awesome at the FBR

"I just flexed the shit out of you"...yea, he really did say that

hi Paul

Property of...

Paul, wasted behind the 16th tee box

I forget what hole this is, but it looks nice

Adam, and his gay belt

Hi Bridget

Sutton on a super important call

Me and Mom :)

Josipa and Kayla

Josipa and Kayla...awesome


Me and Josipa

Kayla, me and Josipa


Josipa lookin bored...never a good thing

Kayla rockin the cheesiest smile ever!

This could get interesting

It is fo sho not going to get worse...

Weird...I was right

Kayla makin friends with the people drivin by

Kayla strugglin just a little bit

...and I love every minute of it

Kayla pretending to be a dog...she must have smoked the dog weed

Maloney's should totally fucking pay

Is that what I think it is...

..fuck ya, only the best ass and hottest set of legs EVER!

Josipa is so over smiling

Sleepy time

Those look like some massive sweater puppets

oh, my bad, they're just Kayla's...not that big at all

Kayla and Josipa

Kissy face

Apparently Josipa got "trampled" at the 16th hole...make whatever assumptions you want about that

Rockstar Josipa

Jason and Kelly

Too wasted for my own good

Amy and Lindholm

Don't ask

Kelly and Cynthia

YES, YES! Keep going!

Ok, I'll settle for that

Jason could care less about what is goin on

Cynthia and Me


Cynthia all wrapped up and ready to go ;)