Random Party Pics

February 2004

Me and Steffani enjoyin dinner

Apparently I make a very comfy chair

Kelly drawin a card

Apparently her card said drink

Stanton and Brooke

Candee, Zuke and Steve-O

Wonderful game of sombrero

Me and Brooke

Miss Too Cool in my room on the phone

My bad Steve-O

Everybody kickin it at my place

Nice bottle Kelly

Kelly and Chelsea at Trident

Brooke grabbin Kelly's boob and two randoms

Oh ya, she's sober

Chillin on the balcony at Nick's

Just drink it you pussy

Randi passed out on my floor

Arta and Randi

Elmo and Liz

Evan d/ling shitty music on my computer

Santon and Darius

Seth, Frank the Tank and Scottie

Genc hittin a fatty

Genc, the Godfather and Frank the Tank

TRog totally sober and the other dude apparently forgot he didn't have a beer anymore

Susan, Mallory, Amanda and Jonelle

Susan rockin my Vandy hat

Stanton and T-rog both totally sober

Craig and Stanton

Me and Randi

Good morning sunshine

I dont know who took this but FUCK YOU

Mallory and some random dude

Stanton and Jonelle

Syd, Emily and Susan...and Arta all Vic'd out

One of the greatest games I have ever played

Arta comes to life

Everyone that was playin Pass Out!

Chug it Susan

Jonelle tryin to explain somethin and no one cares

YES you

Hi Deuce

Susan can't believe it

Smile Katie

Social drink

Can't forget the lime

Looks like the shit kicked in

OHHHH, how cute

Mallory and Stanton big pimpin


Me and Katie

Jonelle givin Greg a shot

Syd grabbin for a pink elephant card

Arta movin in for the kill

Random dude and Mallory

Arta's lower half

Karoke without the machine

Oh, how cute

Drunk ass in Sharon's car

All the girls about to do the sigma kappa song

Susan and Jordan...the ID for the weekend

Hi Mallory

Katie and I all dressed up

Me and Mallory before the date dash

Mallory and Steven