UofA Vs. NAU

First tailgate of the year and then party @ my place after the game


Darrel tryin to distract Zuke with some bad ass ribs

Stanton is obviously a huge fan of the ribs

Coolest shirt I have ever seen

Froshies takin turns with the beer bong

Scottie, Eh!
Nice shorts Garret
Garret showin off his tix he's about to scalp

Lauren, Krystal, Erinne and Kacey prepartyin like rockstars as always

Hi Candice, also note Darrel's cute little swizzle stick...fuckin homo

Lucas puttin more ice on the keg
Mark doin a not so good job of tappin the keg
ODB and his awesome parking job

Jess suckin on her lime after a rough tequila shot courtest of Darrel

Kristen and Stanton

Jess' tequila face

Come on Susan, he's not that bad

Nice chach face darrel

Joshy and Susan...how cute

Ohh, he's such a cute little tiny kid

Paul and Darrel fuckin with Caito

Darrel pretending to be Stanton

Matt makin a cameo, rockin the coolest ear rings ever

Shredded stops by to say Hola for a little bit

Mariah needs another drink...

Garret tryin to point to his Sparks

Dougie chuggin down some Sparks

An intense final cup round of beer pong

Paul strangling Jimbo's little bro...and still smiling

Josh, Darrel and someone else takin shots

The most sober Darrel will be for the next two days

Stanton, John and I right before John went back to England

Joshy and Susan in the middle of a nice little make out session

Me and Jess chillin at my place

Shapo and Dodds stop by to say hi for a few minutes

Randi bustin in to try and find me

ODB with two little freshman, if they only knew...

Me and Randi dandy

Two little froshies hangin out

Taylor only had one job to do, make more ice. 20 minutes later, still no fuckin ice

GPhi freshman takin shots

I hate it when people interrupt you and start talkin shit while you trying to take a shot

End of the Crown...sad times

After Darrel takes his shot he fuckin knows my drink i just made out of my hand, and all over the carpet...not so awesome

Heidi and her hot friend, forgot her name, shit

Lucas and ChiTown both trashed

ODB, Heidi, her hot friend, Darrel and Caito

Zuke definitly not payin attention, but atleast Jess is and she's the hot one

Taylor pointin to her friend, don't remember why though

Two randoms and Taylor

Shit I forgot her name, Zuke, Heidi and Jess makin an interesting face, still hot though

Random party shot

Crow and ODB hangin out in my room

Darrel tokin up for the 1st time

Possibly one of the coolest pictures I have ever taken...nice work Darrel

ODB holding Caito up outside

Caito takin a nice little nap on the stairs

The cactus started talkin shit to Dougie

Oh ya Dougie, you it's ass

Oh boy Dougie, you sure showed that cactus who is boss

I tried to tell Zuke the chick he is hookin up with had to go, his music was on so I asked if he could hear me, he said yes, put the speaker back in the window, and went back in his room...bastard

Nice to see you too Crow

Crow, Bryant, Big Dick and a bunch of freshman girls...nicely done boys

Zuke hammered out of his mind about to go to Wilbur's and Ryan takin off to go ?

Melanie and Allie stoned out of their mins chillin at my place

Leah is too stoned to even turn her head and look at the camera

Hey girls, over here...both of them are definitly in their own little world

Me, little Charlie Stanton and Carter playin beer pong