1st Week of Partyin Back at School

This is gonna be a good year


Randi gettin ready to do a b'day Viagra shot

It tastes so good when it hits your lips

Still trying to finish it all...

Arta and Zuke chillin @ Bamboo Club

Josh makes a cameo for Randi's b'day

Susan and Arta enjoying a nice [romantic] dinner

Carter and I chillin before the heavy drinking starts

Someone is not so happy about somethin I was tryin to take a picture of
Jonelle and I
Wow, and I thought I was wasted...

I forgot who took this but they fuckin suck at taking pictures

Birnbaum enjoyin a refreshing Hong Kong Hangover

Sener passed out @ Dirtbags

Chelsea, Brooke and Kelly

I don't think this picture turned out quite like Chelsea thought it would

Chillin with Big Tom at Dirtbags

Kelly and I

Sener big pimpin outside dirtbags

The ghetto ass basketball hoop by where Mikey and I were tryin to find a party

OH MY GOD! Is that Ashton Kutcher?!? Oh, no, just Mikey tryin to find out where the FUCK WE ARE

Mikey and Freddie after we finally made it to the party

Some bum crashin on a bus stop bench we saw walkin back

Lil' Flip playin drinking games @ my place

Zuke and Julie playin my newly acquired drinking game, Shot Glass Checkers

Taylor and Mary chillin while we play drunk driver

Jessica can do the splits...so hot

Stanton can [almost] do the splits...even hotter

Paul and Mary playin beer pong

Jessica and Stanton playin beer pong

Not so flexible after a night of drinking apparently

Taylor and Mary chillin on the couch
Mary tryin to get to first base with Taylor
extreme closeup

Paul and his new best friend

Stanton just chillin in his hammock in his room

Shapo apparently is now from SoCal

Yargh Dodds, Yargh

Stef and Alysha

Dodds, Stef and Alysha at Harmes' place

Will takin a beer bong like a fuckin champ

No matter what comment I put here I would get in trouble so I'm just gonna leave this one alone, if you were there then you know

Darrel and Shapo both shitfaced

Lucas peeps in to say hello while takin a piss outside

Kinda cool, but at the same time, not so much

Lisa Ann and I after she was MIA forever

Some random who just got her tits pierced

Carter and two random dudes

Jenna and Alyssa lookin hot and both totally wasted at Trident

Jenna and Alyssa again...also notice Zuke, I think he found a hottie for the night

The chick from Betos that Darrel thought was SO hot...even with the hand I think you can all make that decision for yourself

Darrel strugglin to eat his burritos

Too much effort to keep his head up and Zuke and Carter are there to let him know how fucked up he is

Kyle makes a cameo over @ my place after goin out

Kyle's friend from England...so random

The fuckin mexican fighting cock that ChiTown bought in south Tucson....only in Tucson could this ever happen