First Week Back in AZ

Trip up to Scottsdale and Random Nights in Tucson


Kevin and some chick
Kevin and I
Mike, Jason, Darrel, Paul and some girls

Christine, Paul, Jason and some dude

Mike just chillin in his chair

Ashley and Mike

Ashley and Jenika

Jenika and Ashley

How the fuck did that dude pull that off

Everyone chillin in Jason's backyard

Angie lookin fuckin hot bent over some other chick

Some random greek statue next to Jason's pool

Some dude passed out outside

Let the shaming begin

Not quite a sharpie pen but the lip gloss will have to do

Team RAMROD!!!

Where's Paul?


Heather and I

Paul, Me and Darrel takin shots of somethin

Graham and I @ Trident

Let's not get into this one

Working out and doin a beer bong...multitasking at its finest

Sener w/ some random

Paul, Sener and Darrel all fuckin wated

Sweet fuckin hat Paul....asshole

Brendan and Sener

No clue who either of them are

Me w/ some random

Apparently I spilled on bad

Sener and Darrel

I have no clue who either of these people are

Crazy Jerry and some random chick

By far one of the absolut best pictues I've ever taken...look at Sener, look where Jerry's head is, and look at Darrel's expression

Jerry, Navin and Sener

Orly, Me and some hottie....shit, forgot her name

Sener and I takin a break from beer bongs

Corey, Jerry, Me and Hadar

Sener and Jerry

Orly and her hottie friend

Corey chillin with some random hottie

Navin can't even put his drink down for long enough to take a picture w/ that is dedication

Menu at Las Almanzanes

Darrel takin a shot of somethin

Ryan pointin to one of the best signs he has stolen....ever

I am at a loss for words...

Darrel, Lindholm and Paul

What the fuck was I thinking?

Yes, those are both glasses of straight tequila...and yes, it was a bad idea

It's cool, it's cool, I can handle it

Haha, ya fuckin right, that tequila came back up ALMOST as fast as it went down

No bueno is right


Shredded just chillin in the chair laughin his ass off

That must me, "I, for I love tequila", ok, maybe not

The phrase, "a picture is worth a thousand words" has rarely ever been more true than it is in this picture...I'm not going to explain why, but it shouldn't be hard to figure out

The sleeping drunk has been awakened

He looks so peaceful

Me after Darrel tossed my ass off his bed into the wall

No bright lights...please

Darrel tryin to sleep....good luck

Hesser and Ryan

Hesser, some chicks, and Jenkins

Frank the Tank and Heather

Stevens, Hesser, and Jenkins...all-stars all the way baby!

No clue

All I remember is that her name is Shanna, and she was hot. Beyond that I have no fuckin clue

Zuke tryin to pull down the palm tree

The biggest weed nug in the world!

Big Dick ridin the bull

Tiny Tim holdin up the nug tree

I made the nug tree my bitch

Vanessa has some pretty amazingly nice...

...teeth, I mean come on, that smile is worth a million bucks!

Lucas assed out on my couch...again

Me, Barber, his boy, and some new sigma kappa pledge

Syd and I on sorority bid night

Barber and some randoms

Zach and Ashley

Alyssa and really doesn't get much hotter than this...why does Stef have to have a boyfriend? Honestly?!

Mallory and Dodds between games of drunk driver

Russel and I

Zuke and I right before we bounced

Definitly the two angriest guys in Tucson...nice shirt Paul

Ryan lookin at his hands after eatin shit walkin home from Dirtbags shitfaced

WTF?!?!? God damn hippies!