Sammy Spring Formal '02

La Paloma, Tucson 3.2.2002

Me and Abbie @ Formal

Me and Abbie kickin it on Alo's couch

Me and Abbie pre-partyin at Andrew's

Cute drink Andrew

Arta sportin the Aviators

Asa and Starla on the bus

Carie and Loren sippin on some sizzer

Carie and Loren

Carie gettin freaky with Loren

Carie gettin freaky on her own

Does Code even know what he's doin?

Guess so cause he looks like he is the happiest man alive

Costa and cute

Douche and Andy

Douche Jessica Andy and Mary

Evan helps the e-board make a toast?

E-Board when Andrew was still liable

Eric and Lelach

Eric Andrew and Arta

Erin, Greg, Lelach and Eric

Evan and buds for life

Evan Carie and Loren

Hirsh and his date...u know she smokes too

Jamie and cute!

Jamie Andrew Abbie and Me

Jessica and Douche...damn he looks stoned

Me and mm mm

Jordan and Kevin, a match made in heaven

Am I really that much taller than Kevin?

Kevin doin the barmitzvah thing

Kevin is checkin Sharon out!

Kevin is in heaven

Kevin the Clown and Jordan, heartless bastard

Kickin it back at Andrew's

Lindsay and Andrew

Lindsay and Dan

Me and Liz, mm mm

Me and Abbie on the bus

Me and Lindsay, hee hee

No Comment, at all

On the bus goin to formal

Potter mealin on the Jell-O shots out of the bowl

Preparty @ Andrews

Random picture

Sammy Formal 3.2.02

Me and Sharon

Sharon and Randy

Abbie and Cindy in front of Kaibab after formal @ 3am