Lysh Comes to Visit and Freshman Paul's Birthday

Hooray for gettin wasted with Paul's Dad and Little Brother


Me and Lysh

Me and my smokin' hot girlfriend

Me, Lysh and E-money


Who the fuck took this

Chase and E-money

Lindsay and Chase

Beefcake, Mike, Josh, Me and Paul

Me and Lysh

Our waiter, Rod

Lysh and Mike

Sweet sweater

Freshman Paul and Lysh

Me and Paul

Paul, Me and coat is lookin a little tight...shit

Paul's Dad and his little bro

So awesome

I've been hammered at Trident plenty of times...never like this

Makin Mom pround

That oh so clean steel bar is so comfy

We should have left him

Jake, starin at Alysha's tits....nice Jake, nice

Oh how cute, he has his Trident uniform on

PR tryin to hold him up

Paul's dad cruisin into the strip club with a drink

Mike wishin he was anywhere else

Lysha, Mike and Space Cadet Beefcake

Josh, Paul and Paul

Ok, everyone atleast pretend to have fun

Well, Alysha looks good, but then again she always looks good

Me, Lysh, and Paul's dad